Kain 10Mature

We then appeared in the junky room of Miku. 

She then tried to roughly stomp me on my foot but I moved it out of the way causing her to trip making me catch her. 

"Watch yourself." I told her with a smile as I put her back on her feet. 

"Whatever." She responded fixing her hair. 

I then attempted to look around but it seemed that she wasn't there so I decided to clean her room. 

"Why are you cleaning her room?" She asked in confusion. 

"She is Miku Hatsune. A famous girl in Japan. I almost killed her once because of my violent anger. I felt more than dead. More than bad. So I vowed to help her with her life as she layed there in my arms nearly dead because of me. Is she scared of me? Im not sure, but she doesnt act like it. I vowed to protect her and everything. I still have the blood of her that she coughed up in a small experiment glass..." 



I then finished cleaning her junky room and vacated the area as she followed. 

"Why were you mad?" She asked out of curiosity. 

"because I was alone." 

We then walked into the streets of Japan. 

"You can do what you want." I said before giving her my wallet and credit cards, "Im going to.... I don't know..." 

I then started walking off. 

The End

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