Kain 9Mature

"oh please. Humans can't see wings of an angel or demon. Not even japanese people. Maybe she is just shocked that we popped out of nowhere." 

I walked to the girl and placed my hand on her head speaking japanese. 

"Miss? I apologize but I am afraid I must erase what you have just seen." I said touching her forehead causing her to collapse on me a bit before waking up. 

"Huh? What happened?" The girl questioned. 

"You seem to have...." I said trying to think of something. 

"We saw you in the streets so he came up and comforted you..." 

"Oh...That happens." 

"Wait what?" I said with an eyebrow raised. 

"Im sorry. I must've fainted again." She said before bowing and running off.

Dina was quite confused. 

"Japanese girls are so adorable.... especially in anime.... NOW! WHERE YOU WANNA GO!?" 

I don't know. I don't know Japan. 

"You you who I know? 

She raises an eyebrow. 


I then took her hand vanishing us both again. 

The End

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