Kain: ThoughtsMature

As I walked around with tears down my face I cry silently. 

Why must I have to ask for love? For comfort? 

Has this world became so non caring? 

"Im tired of forcing myself to kill people when I don't want to. Im tired of giving and never receiving. Im tired of being scared of. Im tired of not being able to do anything. Im tired of being cold. Im tired of people thinking me as an evil person. Im tired of being immortal. Im tired of the mental pain I am forced to feel every 5 minutes. Im tired of being a demon. Im tired of being Kain. But nobody understands what I feel. Not even Jesus himself." 

I want to receive comfort from people without asking... Because if you have to ask then thats not what love is.... You should be able to receive hugs and comfort from someone because they want to give you love and comfort. If you have to ask then thats not true love. They just wouldnt mind to give you it...  When I hug people they be afraid and that just kills me to the point where I don't even want to hug anybody anymore but I have no choice since I don't receive hugs for nothing..... 

Im just tired of feeling myself..... 

Maybe if I attend school I would find a lover... I don't have to attend school because I am smarter than school.... but not in life. 

I layed on the ground once more in the middle of the cornfield and said 

"Forget it" 

I then began to sing Bad Apple

(I found his voice over! XD)

The End

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