I went into the forest and asked Slenderman for his suit. 

"Why in the hell do  you need my suit?" 


"Yea right. You really think you want me to be exposed as a prank?" 

"No not like, revealed to the world. I mean its a girl I know right. And shes still sleep... So  I want to prank that girl thats all." 

"Expose me I'll eat you alive." He said getting one of his suits from the closet,  "And just because your immortal doesn't mean that You can't suffer." 


"I will eat you and you will fall down my bottomless stomach forever if you expose me you got that Kain the first demon?" 

"Ok. Ok. Tell Jane and Jeff I said hi." 

I then vanished off once he gave me the suit and mask. 

I then appeared in the room as she was still sleep and put the clothes on along with the mask. I then made myself tall enough to be his height... Yes.... I have that ability... Its really useful.... 

And now we wait... 

The End

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