Last chapter then its her turn I guess.Mature

"What the !? How in the!?" 

I'm guessing that this female was shocked to see me with an angel wing and white hair since she last saw me as a demon. Well I still am... half way. 

"I am not to tell you how I achieved this form. Lets just say that I'm better than before." I told her with a smile, "Are you alright?" 

"Uh... yea." she said in confusion on why and how I am this way, "A deal's a deal though so what do you want?" 

Its been a while since I.... had comfort...  I've been underground for so long because that I didn't want people to realize who I was. I was lonely for a long time and people believe on what the bible says. If I show myself to this world it will only reak chaos. The heavens doesn't want people to know that demon possession is real for that reason as well.

This girl is the closest girl but I also don't want to kill her for some odd reason. She asked me what I wanted and....... 

"Just comfort me when I need comfort and hold me when I need to be held. Make me happy in my times of emotional anger, and help me be calm in my violent ones. Help me live and I will do the same and treat you the best way I can." I then opened up the window, "Now as you excuse me I have to kill a couple of people before I die in two days." I then jumped  out the window to search. 

My body gets weaker as I walk farther and farther into the city. 

2  hours went by and I noticed a car driving by. in the cornfield. I walked in front of the car's way causing it to stop and for it to honk, but then they realized about the mark on my skin. Human senses are too weak to comprehend that I have wings. Their sense of touch is too weak to feel my wings. Their sense of smell can't smell my wings. Their sense of sight can't see my wings and their sense of taste can't taste my wings. They grew frightened but I had no choice but to not put any hesitation into the male driver as the female was in the passenger seat. 

They tried to reverse their car as fast as they could but I managed to grab the front of their car and lift it up with my arm. I grabbed the weapon I used to kill Abel which was the very first weapon that was ever made causing my mark to glow red and burn through my clothes. I slammed the car on the ground and appeared inside along with them. Their screams and cries for mercy and their will to try and fight back for their loved ones, but I had to  kill them or it would be me who would die. Once I finished the bloody slaughters I was relieved since my mark was satisfied, but I was emotionally hurt that I had to kill those people. 

But  I have to live to finish my objective so I could live another day along with these humans. Become one of them. 

I did not know what to do then so I just layed on the street. Forget it. 

The End

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