The Decision of Jesus 2Mature

He placed his hand on my head which caused me to feel this light coursing through me.

"I am going to let you have some of my grace. With this I am ordering you to stop the works of the Garden Gaurd. I will leave your demonic mark upon you which will still make you half of a demon. I am not releasing you from your punishment until you finish the objective. You are now powerful enough to defeat him. If you fail however my grace upon you will no longer exist causing you to become a full demon once again." 

Once he took his hand from my head I looked at myself and noticed an angel wing upon me. My hair became white and my clothes has changed. I knew then that I was a half angel. 

"Now I am going to open you a way above the grounds of earth so you can begin your search." 

A giant white portal like hole then opened above me. 

"You shall be on your way." 

".... I give you a million thanks... Grandfather." 

I then flew with my demon and angel wing above the grounds.

The End

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