The Decision of JesusMature

"You are different than what I thought you would be, but your jealousy over rules you which caused you to kill your brother." Jesus spoke to me. 

"My lord may you heed my words?" I questioned. 

He stood in silence once more before responding. 

"If you have the need to speak yes. What is it that you need to say?"

"God might have told you about me killing him over jealousy, but that isnt why I killed him. You see. The garden gaurdian has possessed my brother, and He was working with your brother to kill my parents so that he could have the world to himself. I had no choice but to react and kill him, but before I did, the demon escaped causing me to kill my brother instead of the Garden Gaurdian. I apologize if this sound like a lie to you..." 

"..... Your brother... he has told my father the same thing but I thought he was making up a story to get you out of your punishment. He did say about blacking out multiple times... My grandson. I believe you. You have matched the story of your brother and I believe you"

The End

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