Kain's decision 2Mature

"What? But why?" The girl questioned. "Im going to make the maid less afraid. More calm. Make her happy. Now hurry before the demons realize what I have done." I replied before getting up and walking off in search for the lost minded maid.  

I sprint around the realm in search for the maid. She is still running, but she is also far away from me.  I thought about it. Im chasing her and she will be more afraid of me if she noticed that, so I had no choice but to stop and think of another way to approach her. I looked around and noticed that I am in a whole different area... I sense light. Light in hell? Its a strong light and there is also a stong darkness. Equall amount of power as well. I walked towards that direction out of curiosity to see what was going on and once I approached it I was burning as well. Burning vigorously as if I was next to the sun. Maybe thats why Nobody was in that area... 

Luckily I could not die so I continued forth nomatter how much pain I felt, and then I heard a voice.

The End

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