Kain's decisionMature

I.... I dont know what to do...  "As you wish.... Once I leave again I will bring you with me." I told her in a low volume of my voice. The only way I'll leave is if I get rid of this mark so I could go above the grounds of earth. This mark has covered my entire arm and it is visible to anyone... The maid... I don't care what she sais. Im going to find her nomatter what they tell me. This hell is a big area indeed but I know my way around it. The energy courses that are around the realm builds me a map that only I could understand, so it wont take so long to find her. "Look." I told her in a low volume, "Im going to open up the hell gate so that you can escape this hell. I am going to stay down here to find and give the maid comfort. I'll even be her maid if it means she would think of me as..... anything other than Master." I took out my philosopher stone and stabbed myself in the chest. I ignored the great amount of pain and drew a pentegram with my blood on the ground causing the gate to open. 

The End

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