I knew I sensed an energy of the sort. But I honestly didn't care.... The maid has ran from me and I don't feel quite good from that. Is she going to act the same way as well? Our eyes make contact to each other but what why is this female here? She doesn't look scared at all. Shall I give HER them mark? 

The female jumped down from the corner of the ceiling and landed on top of my car. I didn't care for that peice of junk because I can travel faster on my feet than on any vehicle. 

"Hello miss. Are you the friend of the maid?" I asked politely. She gave me this glare of surprisement. Was it something I said that made her....think? 

"Why are you down here? And why are you being so nice to everyone?" She asked me with the seriousness of her voice. 

I knew nothing of what she spoke of. 

"Do I know you?" I replied to her. 

"Kain, why are you down here in hell?" 

She walked to my arm reach not scared of me whatsoever. Why must she talk to me so serious? What have I done in the past? 

"Is it because that I am the first demon that you are treating me this way? I understand if you think of me as an evil person but it is not what you think. Just because I am a demon doesn't mean that I have to be so..... so much like the other ones. They disgust me. You ask why i'm here? I'm afraid that I refuse to tell you my objective for you will try and stop me and that will cause me to become angry.... And not one person likes me when i'm angry.... or myself." 

I then looked back at the door imagining of the maid that ran away. My grandfather has made me hated and scary to other people and I have no choice but to live with that..... 

I couldn't bear it much longer. That's why I search for the one to set my mark upon. 

Nobody knows what REALLY happened that made me have to kill Abel but me. But my grandfather assumed that it was over jealousy and I understood why. So I'm not mad at him, but I am mad at the fact that I have to live with this pain in my head.... 

I then walked off in search of the maid to comfort her. 

And to see if I can receive comfort. 

The End

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