Kain 2Mature

As  I walk down this hell I search for the one named Lucifer, but I have to choose a good timing before approaching him. All I see is people living their nightmares, demons eating eachother, succubusses trying to tempt me into sex so that I could be their human puppet, and other beings as well. There are..... animals..... Human animals... What have I walked upon and is this really the way of Lucifer? Apparently is was since I can sense his energy. 

I noticed a path of bones from the human body. Some as new as a day and some as old as religion itself. The path led to a female in his throne? What the hell is this? 

"You are not the one I seek. Reveal yourself now." I said pointing to the attractive female. 

"Ahhh, you must be Kain." She said walking down the stairs of her throne to approach him, "You have made your way into hell? I'm quite impressed." 

She walked into my arm reach and touched my face with her hand, "You are a handsome man indeed to be the first of this kind." She then started walking around me feeling on my body. What is she doing to me? 

"Ive been waiting on you, demon king." 

"Where is Lucifer?" he said not ammused by the feeling of her hands, "I am not ammused to your touches. You are a cold blooded creature who would kill your own kind for minor goals. You disgust me." 

"You have killed your brother and you call me disgusting? Do you want me to punish you? Show you how disgusting I can be?" She said before licking his face. 

"Get away from me." 

"W-what?" She said shockingly as she stopped circling and feeling me, "Your not affected. But how?" 

"Succubbuss' do not affect me." He said just now looking at her but with a seriousness in the face. 

"You.... I like you....Gaurds!" 

She called out her gaurds that was standing by the throne. One had black hair as her angel wings was black along with the male. They were siblings who both had red eyes. 

"Show my new friend his room I reserved for him. And please. You may take your time." 

"you have not answered my question." I said as the gaurds who were her puppets as well grabbed my arms from both sides, "Where is he?" 

"Tell me. Why must you see my husband dear boy?" 

"That is none of your business." I told her. 

"Gaurds, take him to his room please." 

The gaurds took me into my room that was inside this apartment. I was surprised by the way it was set up and how clean it looked. I wasn't planning on staying for long at all but as soon as I passed my mark, I'll be on my way. 

The throne of bones was in my room, and I also had the biggest room in the apartment. A large tv on the wall, game systems that didn't even come out yet, a car that was in my livingroom(Yes. It was that big of a room), and a...... maid? I don't want a maid. 

Especially a female one. Especially an attractive one. 

Why would she clean my room when I could clean it myself? I feel like i'm slaving her and I didn't care how much she would get paid for it but.... why? I hate to see people doing things for me that I can do for myself. It makes me feel wrong. 

I walked to her as she was cleaning my room and spoke to her, "Stop this. Stop this right now. Your cleaning is done." 

She looked surprised and confused at my words. 

Then I wondered. 

Shall I give this one my mark or shall I wait for another time. If I give her my mark then she would be the new demon queen. But then her anger would control her as it did to me, making her a different being than she is now. 

The End

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