Kain the first demon.

"Where is your brother?" 

"I don't know where he is." Kain responded as he was trying his hardest to not look frightened. 

"Then why is the blood of him spreaded across my grounds?" 

"I don't know!" 

"What have you done? To kill your brother over jealousy?" 

"I had to kill him!" He shouted 

"For that I will have to punish you. I shall give you a mark of a demon and you will live the curse of immortality." 

"Wait what!? You can't do that! I've done nothing wrong!!!" 

     The flashback has then ended as Kain then appeared to be under the grounds. If his mark was able to be seen then that would be trouble towards him so he had no choice. If he wanted to live in this world he can't die from he had no choice but to pass his mark down, and there was no better place then hell itself. He has found the philosepher stone and has gathered the information he needed to go into his destination. Under the grounds there was the throne of Lucifer that hasn't been sat on in generations to come. 
     He drew a giant pentegram in the grounds using the dust of the stone he found and burned it with the flame of his lighter. He then drew the mark of what every demon has on the pentegram and that caused it to open into a gate. A gate of hell. He has gathered his left over stone and jumped down the gate as the entrance closed behind him. He is now in the realm of hell. 
     He walks around to search for whoever can be the one to be passed down the mark of the first demon. The mark that only HE has. Being aware of his appearence he was treated with great respect but he wasn't sure why and he did not care. He was treated as if he was the first demon. 

"My son! Oh how I've missed you." Yelled Eve as she ran to him and hugged him as tight as she could. 

"Hello mother." He said having no emotions of the sort, "How have you been since you and your husband denied God's orders?" 

"We have been doing just fine." Said Adam walking up to him, "Surprisingly Lucifer's wife Lilliath is less torturous than him. 

"Well that's nice. I have to go now." Kain replied breaking the hug and walking off, "See ya." He then vanished. 

Adam and Eve were quite shocked that Kain didn't care about seeing them as much as they did. They figured he was too busy for such things, and he was. 

He continues to search for the one to unleash his mark upon.


The End

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