In the Western world, the word Kaiju basically means monster. Monsters are villanous, evil, and completley despised. But in the world of Daikaiju (Dai, to its inhabitants), the word Kaiju takes on a completley new meaning..

Aito  gazed, enthralled, as Kanae approached the Mothra. She crept silently, her leather boots not even leaving a whisper in the dark leaves that flowed across the forest floor.

The Mothra was not the biggest Aito had seen before; a mere 30 or so metres long, but it was the most beautiful. The huge creature had sought refuse under a craggy overhang sheltering, it seemed, from the mist that crept along the river.

It's ultramarine eyes were half closed, wings dull and lifeless. Even from his position hidden in the trees, Aito knew it was seriously injured, and he willed Kanae forwards. Such creatures were so valuable, and Kanae had a particular soft spot for Mothra.

Kanae began to sing in a soft, lilting voice. Aito preffered the song in Japanese, but in English it was equally enchanting. "Mothra oh Mothra, If we were to call for help, Over time, Over sea, Like a wave you'd come, Our Guardian Angel."

The haunting tune made Aito shiver, but more importantly, it was having the intended effect on the Mothra. The tell-tale shimmer of telepathy announced the arrival of the Shobijin, who sat atop the Mothra, eyes wild with blue fire, tiny and encapturing. 

"We speak," they said in complete syncronisation. "For Living Earth."

Kanae bowed. "I come here to treat the Mothra," she said.

The Shobijin smiled identical serene smiles. "Do you not think we are doing the same thing?" Their tone was almost patronising. "Do you question the divinity of this Mothra?"

"No," Kanae replied, buisnesslike. "But at the Sanctuary, it will prosper."

"We do not approve of the work of the Sanctuary, but as sisters, we remain alone in our pledge to accompany the Mothra."

There was a pause, and Aito shifted restlessly in his hiding position. He did not like covering Kanae. He wanted to stand beside her, equal in skill and knowledge. He wanted to help, as did all the other Devotees.

Kanae did not chivvy the Shobijin into continuing, but waited patiently. The Living Earth was infinatley patient, and so, the Scriptures told, should we be.

"This Mothra needs attention in order to completley recover," the Shobijin continued eventually. "Complete dedication. Can you promise this?"

"I pledge that I and an assistant will care with devotion for this Divine being." Kanae knelt swiftly, and touched her forhead with her forfinger.

"Name the assisant."

Kanae hesitated, obviously having assumed that her standard pledge reply was perfectly suitable to please two Fairy Priestesses. "Aito," she said after a minutes thought.

Aito almost fainted. Assisting to care for a Divine being... This was something. This was something big. He had only scraped through training, and at the Sanctuary was given only basic jobs, normally accompanying Devotees on missions. But caring for a Being, a Divine being..

Aito's head swam.

The End

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