Adede is cursed with a destructive voice. The people of her land have imprisoned her for their own safety, in an abandoned hall. But a strange man has other ideas for her. Will Adede weild her curse as a weapon for revenge?

Adede lay on the cold marble floor. Chills ran through her spine, like fifty mice scurrying along her back. She rolled over, and found herself face to face with one of the many pilllars that covered the Hall. She reached out with a pale hand and touched the elegant structure.

She could make out the shape of every bone, pushing through her thin skin. Sighing, she sat up, and looked across at the pile of mouldy food that sat at the end of the temple.

The people of Korrene had wanted to let Adede starve. King Halcyon had agreed at first, but after only a three days, he had ordered his subjects to leave her any waste at the end of each month. When asked about his sudden change of heart, he had simply replied, "Reputation issues. The neighbouring kingdoms might come to think of us as savages." And, if witnesses were to be believed, he had said it rather briskly.

Adede chewed on a particularly tough strip of meat, and wondered, as she often did, what Halcyon looked like.  She had imagined many versions of the ruler, each more unpleasent then the last. She had been five years old when he had learned of her curse, and ordered her imprisonment.

Her memory of the event was blurry; she could just about remember the faces of her parents, the helmets of the gaurds, the gag digging into her skin, and... Someone else. Someone very tall, and lean, and dressed in long, colorful robes. Maybe he was Halcyon? All she could remember about his face was this: He looked both angry, and worried.

While she hated thinking about the one who had destroyed her life, there wasn't really anything else to ponder about. Her imprisonment was the tower of her life; constantly looming over her, stopping the Sun from reaching her. It controlled her thoughts and feelings, and, to be honest, it wasn't suprising. It was the only major event that had ever really happened to her.

The Hall had nothing to stimulate her mind. Thoughts were her only friends, and what foul companions they made. She shook her head to try and clear her mind, but all she achieved was giving herself a headache.

A burst of pain in her jaw brought her back to reality; and chunk of bone had been hiding under the meat. She ate around it, and, once she had finished, held it up in front of her face. The collossal stained glass window that covered the roof of the Hall sent rays of multi-coloured light over it. Adede stared at it for a few seconds before placing it by the food pile.

"No, eating bone is not healthy. Besides, I have more then enough to eat this month." She frowned, and stared at the scraps; an unrecognizable liquid dripped off it, and thick fungus crawled along, like a dying man staggering across an uneven terrain.

And it made her shudder. It sickened her to the core.

"I swear, Halcyon, I'll put you underground before I am even close to dying. I'll put everyone in Korrene underground.






The End

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