The Darkness

So many times the coal black darkness eveloped around me, and I have had no recollection of what happened. What occured to my body whilst I was otherwise engaged, so to speak. Im not in control of my body, Justice is, as soon as the darkness creeps over my eyes. All I can see is well... nothing... a huge black void. It seems strange you hear stories of people in comas who see nothing, nobody has ever told tales of what happens when some one else takes over their body. Few people experience this obviously, but still, someone must have tales like this. Surely. I can't be the only one.

My body is used by another person, well mind, and all I can do is curl up in the dark and think. Well metaphorically curl up. With out a body its hard to curl up. Can a voice curl up? Im just a disembodied voice in the darkness. That idea worries me. Just a voice. Nobody. Is that what the soul is? Back to the voice in the darkness. The whole concept is hard to explain to someone who's never experienced it. Lets see. Urrmm... ah I know its like when you wake up in the night, theres no light at all and your home alone, nothing around and no one to hear. You feel totally alone. Does Justice feel alone? Does she have feelings?

I feel some kind of bond with Justice. When ever the darkness leaves I feel this huge wave of relief come over me. Im back to normal and I have nothing to fear. All the worries and fears I feel in this state, are in this tomb somewhere in my mind, I wonder if Justice feels the same. It gives me some kind of comfort, and I know that sounds sick, but she shares these emotions and this state with me.

The metaphorical hairs on my skin, that wasn't with me, stood on end. This time had to be different but why? What was special about this time? Is this the end of me? No more Jane true. Just Justice. That thought sends shivers down my spine. Trapped in my private prison, alone, totally alone. Living with nothing but darkness, no friends, no family, no lovers. Living in darkness. I'd miss the simple things like sunlight, gentle breeze, touching bare skin, and dancing. What would I do without these simple things? What would I do without a body?

The End

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