The carriages numbered fourteen, and the men seventy. The sun was in its final stages of setting and light was becoming a scarce commodity. 

The red velvet of the Empress was draped from the wooden banisters atop each carriage. The wood, a sturdy oak, housed prisoners from across the Kingdom in their last journey - Their defining journey. Soon they would meet their maker by request of the Lord Enforcer, Henrik Von Estimeer. He was more commonly refereed to as the Empresses executioner, but he had never killed a man, but simply ordered his death. 

Henrik rode on the only carriage built for comfort. The interior laced with the finest materials that had been fetched from as far as the mountains of Nesaroth, to the North, all the way down South to the Port of Alascara. 

The plump posterior of Henrik sat on several pillows. His hand maiden slumped at his feet, groveling over his shoes with a bottle of Botamare polish and a silk rag. The three chins of the executioner jiggled as the carriage went over each bump and into each pothole on the long road to Salutare.

"You'd think with all the fancy magic flying about these days, the Magistrates would develop a way of keeping food fresh for me whilst I am burdened with these long trips." Henrik sighed as his teeth sunk into the chickens tender meat. The juices flowed out over his cheeks and soaked his handlebar mustache. When he had finished ripping the flesh from the bone, he tossed it aside. The bone landed in a large pile of similar pieces, all scarred with teeth marks. "Give them to the prisoners. Better to have them chewing on my leftovers than each other." The hand maiden murmured a yes sir before leaping from the slow moving carriage with the pile of bones stuffed in a sack. 

"Sometimes I feel I am too generous to the Exiled." Henrik talked boastfully to himself in the carriage before he was roughly thrown from his seat, when the carriage stopped abruptly. 

"My Lord!" The voice was smeared with panic. "My Lord!" 

The Lord Enforcer struggled to his feet and stumbled out of the cab door. "What is it now?!" His voice was stuffed to the brim with frustration and brewing with anger. "This is an utter outrage..." 

His eyes widened when he looked past the terrified squire standing before him. Tears nearly welling, and a gut wrenching fear gripped him. Henrik's muscles frozen. His tongue tied. 

The silhouette was rigid atop a rustic steed. One of the Guard fired a spear towards the shadow. It had good course about it, but with a simple flick of the silhouettes hand, a flash of green light deflected the weapon so that it pierced the ground and remained there like a spire. Again the hand flicked, in a similar motion as before, and within a moment the Guard vanished with a faint scream and a dash of blood as his body was forced to implode. 

"Lord Enforcer Henrik Von Estimeer, high executioner to Empress Malayne, I am here for you." 

The coward of a man managed to stutter a handful of words. "Wh... What do you want me for? I am an innocent man, a hard working man!" 

A second pair of Guards attempted to neutralize the threat. The first swung with a sword and the second attempted jabs with a spear, neither were successful in penetrating through the aqua blue shield that was surrounding the silhouette and his steed. 

"You have condemned the innocent to death so that you may progress your own personal gain. So that you may impress the Empress." The silhouettes hand flicked into the air high above his head, before bringing it down to his waist with unerring speed. The ground beneath the two Guards crumbled. The earth swallowed the men whole before the ground sealed up to the sounds of distant screaming. 

"No more will innocent die due to your order." The silhouette leaped from his horse, and landed silently on the dirt. He swiftly brought his two hands out, and in a second, brought them together to the sound of a single clap. 

A single thread of white light erupted upwards towards the clouds. Rain fell. The clouds turned thunderous. Lightning struck the ground with a godly might. The air electrified and the Guards, one by one, were electrocuted. 

Each prisoner remained unharmed as there oppressors fell in fear around them. All but Henrik. 

The Lord Enforcer was last to die, but not due to the magic. He died at the hands of the freed prisoners. Limb was torn from limb. The captives were savage and without mercy. 

"Justice." The silhouette muttered the word as he climbed back atop his horse. He rubbed her head reassuringly. "Justice girl. It is only justice." 

"Who are you?" The voice rang out from among'st the bloodshed. A young boy was found to be looking at the man. 

"I am a monster killer." 

With a blinding flash of green, both the horse and the man vanished. 

The End

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