Everything went dark just like all the times before but this time it was different. I could feel myself moving and there was nothing I could do about it. I had been forced into the deepest darkest recesses of my mind where I had no control and all I could do was wait. Wait for what you may ask. Well now that is harder to explain.

The first time this happend to me or is it in me. Well any way the first time the world went black and i woke up in a hospital. The bronzed male nurse who towered over my hospital bed explained to me what had happened. He called it an episode. Some kind of mental break down or something like that, im no good with medical knowledge, basically I have two personalities. One side me the normal me. Jane True. And then theres this other side that I seem to get over ruled by, a strong force that seems to kill me every time it surfaces I end up in some kind of coma. I wake up and have to coap with the after math of my alta egos terrible deeds.

In the hospital I was told of what my alta ego had done. It terrified me. I begged and begged for some kind of cure. Surely medicine had advanced enough to cure mental illenesses.

"There's nothing we can do for you." The soft male voice replyed he had a hint of an accent deffenately from the middle east although which region I could not begin to imagine.

I looked into his large hazle eyes and pleaded with him. "But there just has to be something a drug. A clinic. Even an institue"

His glistening water filled eyes said it all "Im sorry there's just no space" He paused thinking of how he could justify his decision to me "Ever since the war... Our facilities are at breaking point there are just too many injured soldiers. I wish i could help you but we are even running out of doctors"

"I understand" I rolled over in the hospital bed.

This time the darkness felt stronger. I felt I might never resurface, and the evil that dwelled inside me would rule my body forever. My alta ego from what I can understand is a powerfull woman. She seems to dominate most of the men within the local area. Killing all men who fail to take part in this war.

This horrible futile war. Women may have the vote and be able to have similar jobs to men and equal pay too. But government believe that a woman at war would have clouded judgement. Clouded judgement. Typical manly statement from the men on this cursed planet. This Earth is pitiful. There has naver been peace between all the contries for more than two years. This war is formally known as the War of Loss. Partly due to the ammount of men that have died at war. I believe the other reasoning was the ammout of land that the British empire had lost. We where the largest empire in the world. Now china owns most of the land and Russia owns a large ammount too. The British empire is reduced to the main islands, France and Spain.

I've gone off the track here but at least you have some back ground. Now where was I. Ah yes my alta ego. She calls her self Justice.

The End

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