Just Your Average Teenager

Just a little writing exercise to get myself back into the swing of writing again.

'This is so exciting Laura, you're eighteen!' Violet squealed in excitement as we approached the nightclub. 

'I know, you won't let me forget it,' she laughed. I faltered in my tracks as I realized the bouncer at the doors were checking everyone's ID. 

'Guys!' I hissed. 

'Relax, just be cool,' Violet said.

Truth was, I was only seventeen. I had never been ID'ed before in my life, but that's only because I had gone unnoticed. Now they were physically checking IDs, there was absolutely no way I would get away with it. I tried to keep my gaze confident as I carried on forwards. Everyone I was with was eighteen but I knew they'd never stay in the club if I didn't get in. However, I did not want to be the one to ruin everyone's fun.

I watched the heavily built, suited bouncer check first Kyle's ID, then Laura's, then Liz's. I shrugged my shoulders slightly, about to explain that I had left my ID at home when they simply said. 'Okay in you go.'

I didn't waste any time.

Sarah's eyes widened as she saw that I had gotten in. I smiled at her like it was the easiest thing in the world and headed straight for the seated table in the corner of the room. It wasn't overly busy, but the music was loud enough and the drinks were cheap enough.

An hour later and I was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. 

'Do you wanna head off somewhere else?' Laura suggested.

'How about Ra-Ra? You'll love it there, all they play is pure dubstep.' 

'Yeah sounds good to me!'

The coldness hit us like a solid brick wall once we were back outside and my head swam slightly. I giggled as we made our way down the road to Ra-Ra. Town was getting busier, girls in short, tight dresses tottered by on incredibly high heels, the guys in the smart shirts eyeing them hungrily. I had always loved the general atmosphere of being out on a Saturday night. 

Once in Ra-Ra though, the music playing was mainstream, slightly remixed stuff from the charts and I crinkled my nose. Turning back, I only saw five out of the original seven of us but it never occurred to me at the time that Sarah and Liz had gone next door due to rejected IDs. 

I headed down the stairs to the underground bit; where everything was based. The dancefloor was empty, so we aimed for the large sofas that allowed room for at least ten people. 

'It's not as good as I remembered last time,' I told Violet, disappointed.

'It'll pick up later.'

Turns out that Vibe was actually the place to be. We didn't stay in Ra-Ra long at all and after we left, we were in Vibe until closing time; 3.30am. The music in here was so much better and with alcohol priced at only two pounds a bottle, we realized this is where we wanted to stay for the remainder of the time.

I turned back to check Sarah had gotten in this time and was surprised to find her holding hands with a complete stranger. 'Who's the guy?'

'His names Luke,' she giggled, obviously very drunk.

'Where did you meet him?'

She looked completely blank for a few minutes and I laughed, deciding I didn’t care. Just so long as she was okay.

The End

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