Current; past troubles.

Can anyone tell me there's more to this life than fear?

Like all my frustrations were more than something I feel. 

As if these struggles I face are too good to be real. 

Can anyone show me where to put my cares? 

As if anyone is willing enough just to listen to the troubles of a youth. 

Like the time I was five and homeless but too ashamed of telling the truth.  

Life is what u make it, but what if there's nothing for the taking? 

Born into a family bruised by brokenness, 

used to smoke to cover my pain, instead, I grew openly stressed.

Two wrongs don't make any rights, but for too long I've been depressed.  

My past comes to haunt me, and I haven't gotten any rest. 

I'm eighteen years old, and I'm not living like I should.

All my friends have their families, a home, and place to stay, eat butter an bread. 

I'm up all night wondering where my little sister will rest her head.

 It's not like I've never made my bed by the curb.

I've been made a lot of empty promises, But "helping" was never a part of the verb. 

And some "I'll say what u want to hear, but not hold on to a single word"

I'm frustrated, depressed, and really losing heart

.I'm helpless, I'm angry, and I'm just plain torn apart. 

The End

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