Henry: The Happiest DaysMature

Henry stood, listening to the preacher speak, gazing intently into Josephine's beautiful green eyes.

"You may kiss the bride." As the preacher finished speaking, Henry took Josephine, now his wife, into his arms and kissed her passionately, and the moment seemed to quick. In an instant, it was over, and he was standing there, staring into her face, wishing that he had an eternity to be with her. This was the perfect day for him; the war had just ended yesterday, he had been hearing news all day of the safe returns of several members of his family, and now he had a beautiful wife in his arms.

Over the next few days, Henry and Josephine became even more inseperable, if that was possible. They went everywhere together, sometimes taking walks and having picnics, sometimes just staying home with each other.

But, it could never last.

The End

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