Josephine sat there next to the man, wetting his warm face and humming to him a lullaby she had learned by her parents. He had not awoken since she sat in the chair but she still felt he would survive.  The warm air out side was calm and peaceful, as if all the current sounds of painful screaming and the smell of blood was being pushed to the side for thew moment when he had awoken. This man had taken her attention away from her so much that the second he had woken up from his slumber, there she was, her green eyes focusing into his blue ones. She smiled at him, barely able to control her excitement  and  unable to understand why she had all this excitement in the first place.

"I had been waiting for you" her smile grew into a flower of joy that this man was healthy.
"What?" he managed, his voice horse and stitched with pain. "Umm...Sure...Yes, thank you very much for that comment. My name's Henry"
"Josephine" She smiled again and went to get another washcloth

The fallowing days, the pair had became insaparateable untill the Henry, Josephines new love interest, was sent back to Virginia  where he was excluded from the Confedarate army.

The End

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