Just Us- onstage

Over the next few months, began to come together and though our cast and shrunk, grow stronger. We were writing the play ourselves so our very hearts and souls were put into it. To separate yourself from it was becoming impossible, not that anybody who truly had put in that much would ever dream of it. In fact, sometimes we didn't even bother to go home until late at night. There was another production in progress during this time but I had never seen more than line readings across the auditorium, the only thing that I really knew was that Ella was in it. Then, one night Liz asked me to come with her to watch a dress rehearsal. We walked in as quietly as possible because the rehearsal was already in progress, the lights dimmed with the exception of the ones used to light the stage. Just as we entered, their director called out that they were going to do one last full run through, shouting out the usual directions afterwards. It was a few moments later that first saw Ella act. I don't even remember what exactly the plot was now but I do remember her character simply because it was her that played her. As I followed Liz back out of the room once the scene ended, I replayed it in my mind, wondering why Ella stood out so much in my minds little film.

The End

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