Magic is something that is not something learned in books or from spells. Its something found in the earth something born in the universe that brings that inner glow to your heart.

It can be a summers night star that shines amony many but you feel forced to stare at that only on.

It can be a full moon that the biggest object you can see in the sky in the darkness of night.

It can be a fluttering butterfly that swoops and twirls among the wind. It wings a bright with many colours but always an individual never the same to another.

It could be a blossoming Rose that doesn't stand out but is beautiful in ways no one can discrib.

It could be a plain Crystal ready to be shaped into something beautiful that will draw some one into to buy it.

So lets all make our own contribute to Nature to help its Magic grow. To help it blossom like the beautiful Rose.

The End

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