I Just Found Out the Devil Goes To My CampMature

I waited while Ray got changed. They really weren’t that bad once you knew what they were. But I still felt very nervous as I thought about seeing Darren again. What was I going to say? What was he going to say?

Ray walked out of the cabin in a shirt that said Boys Explosion and had an anime guy leaping out of flames on a skate board. He was wearing your average boy shorts.

“Let’s be off,” he said grinning.

I nodded and prepared to enter the mess hall full of boys. It was a two minute walk to the mess hall, but it felt much longer. I heard people laughing and shouting and yelling. Every one sounded so excited and happy, it only made me feel even more scared.

“Welcome to Wallabe mess hall,” Ray said as we walked up the stairs to the entrance.

To my great relief, no one seemed to notice us walk in, I skirted after Ray along the very edge of the long room to the end were the others were sitting. I immediately noticed Darren. I quickly dropped gaze as my cheeks heated up.

“Hey Kristin!” Adrian said grinning as I chose the seat farthest away from Darren.

I gave him a weak smile, and looked down at the table. I glanced at everybody else’s tables, no had food yet. My empty stomach complained.

“Hey Kristin?”

My head jerked up, I stared at Darren not sure what to say. My heart pounded away in my chest and my face felt like a furnace.

“I’m sorry,” he said holding my gaze without looking away, “I was being an idiot. You don’t have to forgive me…” now he looked down.

I went even redder (if possible) and looked at my hands, “its fine, I guess.”

I glanced up to find him staring at me with a small smile on his lips, “friends? No more weirdness, I promise.” He said taking me by surprise.

“Um, sure,” I smiled just a little, too. Wow, it was over that fast. Cool.

“Yes!” Adrian jumped into my view, “now we just have to make sure you stay in our cabin!”

I blushed, again. Now that I thought about it, it wouldn’t be so bad. I glanced around the rest of the table. Ray was grinning at me and Darren looked hopeful. Shean had a smug look on his face that I couldn’t place and Adrian was bouncing in his seat like an over active rabbit.

I looked back down at my hands, “um, maybe. That bald guy might move me too a counselor cabin though.” I muttered.

“That bald guy is about to make a speech.” Shean said sitting back in his seat.

I turned to face the front of the mess hall. Mr. Arty stood on a platform in the front of the room, he beamed out at us.

“Since the bonfire last night was cut short, I will finish now.” He said beaming out at all of us.

I felt myself flush with embarrassment. He could have just said “since we were so rudely interrupted by a screaming pansy…” Luckily, everybody was focused on Mr. Arty. No one even glanced in my direction with an accusing glare; it was as if they didn’t even know I was here. It was an extremely good thing.

“We are divided into ten houses, with five to eight members in each house. During your last week here we will have a tournament and the best house will take home the big prize!” Mr. Arty grinning big, I could almost see the hair falling off of his head in little tufts.

Murmurs went up in the crowd. It was obviously and eagerly awaited event. I already knew it would be torture.

“So you had better pay attention when being taught different things. At the end of every week we will have a tracking test were we will drop different groups of you off in the forest and see how well you do getting back before dark. Don’t worry; if any of you get lost we will have given you each a beeper to call us with and we will locate you.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “Also, the best part of all, we have a special new addition to our campers here.”

I had a sick feeling I knew what he was going to say next. I looked down at my table hoping he wasn’t going to say what I thought he was.

“Kristin Spencer, Crystal Morris, please come up.”

My heart sank down very, very deep. How deep I wasn’t sure. Then suddenly realized the second name he had said. Crystal Morris. The popular, amazing chick everyone wanted to be with in school. The girl, who was excellent at making my tiny social life miserable, was here.

Oh shit.

The End

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