When I Woke UpMature

We walked back through the forest.

“Adrian, he’s a vampire and Ray is a dark angel,” Shean explained softly as he jumped lightly over a log.  

“So if you both have black wings, then what’s the difference?” I asked.

I hadn’t seen Sheen’s wings, but he told me they were black.

“I am born with my weapon by my side,” he said helping me over a moss covered log, “he isn’t, and he’s a spinoff of demons and angels getting together. I also feed on shadows…” his voice trailed away leaving me perplexed.

He ate shadows? Want to talk about weird and wacked out? Well here you go.

“What the heck does that mean?” I asked frowning at him.

Before he could answer I heard voices calling. They had been looking for us, of course. A moment later a flashlight beam nearly blinded me.

“I FOUND THEM!!!” screamed the guy who was holding the flashlight.  Soon we were surrounded by angry and relieved councilors and campers.

“What the heck happened!” demanded the balding guy thrusting his way forward. “Who did what?”

Shean opened his mouth to say what I’m sure was the truth, but without thinking I blurted out something different.

“I saw a snake and I have a snake phobia, Shean and his friends tried to get it to go away but the it slithered over my foot and I started seeing snakes everywhere and I ran and…and…” to make my story more convincing I began to cry as I ranted out my frustration from the day. Even if it was all a lie it helped me feel better, “Shean just managed to calm me down, I just really can’t take snakes, and they scare me so, so, so much.”

I began bawling burying my face in my hands. I wasn’t even quite sure why I was crying.

“It’s true,” Shean said sighing, “Mr. Arty, I know I should have gotten help but she was really scared so I just followed her so she wouldn’t get lost.”

Mr. Arty, so that was his name.

Mr. Arty put a comforting arm around my shoulder, “it’s alright Kristin.” He whispered handing me a handkerchief, “what would make you feel better?”

“A shower,” I blubbered, “then food would be nice.”


I got my shower, and a thorough search of the cabin was done for the said snake. Then Ms. Rachel led me back to cabin four. Ray and Adrian were there but, thankfully, Darren was nowhere to be seen.

They looked shocked when I walked in. I felt only a little embarrassed by my skully bedtime tank top and shorts; I was too tired to feel the full extent of it. I crawled into my bed and gratefully accepted the bowl of instant noodles offered by Ms. Rachel.

“You’ll be okay?” she asked softly.

I nodded.

“Don’t worry,” she told me smiling, “you’ll have tons of fun while you’re here. And snakes are rare in this area.”

I gave her a wimpy smile and she left.

There was a long awkward silence filled only by my slurping. I finished the noodles quickly then I just sat there dozing while staring absentmindedly at the bowl.

“Ahem,” Ray cleared his throat.

I jumped slightly, and I turned to give him a tired stare.

“You okay?” he asked slowly.

I gave him a half hearted nod and yawned as loud as a steam engine.

“Where is Darren?” Shean asked in a quiet careful voice.

“We chased him off,” Adrian said grinning evilly, “Ray was really angry so I helped him, it was really fun.”

Shean rolled his eyes at Ray who scowled.

“That dumb ass.” He muttered furiously.

“He’s going through a lot,” Sheen murmured thoughtfully.

“So? Puberty is no excuse for what he did!” Ray snapped angrily at him.

“I know, I’m just thinking to myself about the situation, the intent,” Shean snapped “I am not saying it was okay.”

“The intent, the intent he says…THE INTENT DOESN’T MATTER! I want to kill that freak! You should beat him with that stick of yours.” Ray hissed.

“I won’t and it is not a stick—”


I went brilliant red when I noticed it was me who had screamed. I quickly looked down at my hands embarrassed beyond belief.

“Sorry,” Ray muttered.

Another long awkward and seemingly endless silence stretched as my exhaustion appeared to fade and curiosity took center stage. After a lot of internal coaxing I finally got up the courage to ask Ray a question.

“Is flying fun?”

A big grin spread across Ray’s face and he looked at Shean who just blinked back in response.

“Yeah, it’s the best,” he said looking back at me.

I nodded and thought for a long moment, I looked at Adrian, “do you drink human blood?”

He smirked, “no, to salty. I prefer mountain lion.”

Like Edward, I mused to myself (I finished the Twilight books at a one day average for each book, just for the record).

“He’s too chicken to try human,” Ray said smirking at Adrian.

Adrian scowled at Ray with fury. Deep inside, I was grateful. But that brought another question.

“Do you eat human?” I asked staring with wide eyes at Ray.

He shook his head, “no, but I am a carnivore. I hate anything green.”

“Except his boogers,” Shean said smiling fully for the first time.

I let out one short laugh that sort of hurt my throat. Suddenly the world was swimming before my eyes. My late night the night before caught up with again and I unexpectedly dropped back onto my pillow.

“Night,” I croaked before falling asleep.


I woke up to an annoying fanfare. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes.

Wow. I was still alive, bruised, but alive.

“Morning cabin buddy!”

I turned to come face to face with Adrian who was smirking with a mouth full of sharp vampire teeth. I flushed, and gave him a grim look.

“You blush a lot.” He pointed out.

I blushed even deeper. Wow, I blushed a lot, who didn’t know that? Adrian smirked.

“Time for breakfast,” he informed me happily.

I wondered what everybody had meant by him being bad. He was actually quite nice in my opinion. But then again, I had only known him for about 12 hours. Most of which I had been sleeping.

I skipped out of bed and stood in the middle of the floor scratching the back of my head trying to decide what to do next. I heard Ray snoring loudly and Shean was pulling a shirt on over his muscular chest. I looked away out the window, blushing again. Hell, he had a muscular chest. It was sunny out and I could hear boys and birds making noises outside.


I turned just in time to watch Adrian land on Ray’s stomach.

Ray swore violently as he struggled with his sheets, he managed to fling the woolen blanket off.

“What the hell Adrian?!” he demanded glaring in fury at him.

Adrian laughed from his spot on the floor.

“Seriously, Adrian, isn’t it too early for that?” Shean asked calmly, walking over.

“It’s never too early to make Ray mad,” Adrian stood up and smirked up at Shean.

Shean ignored him then faced me, “did you sleep well?” he asked.

I nodded, yawning loudly.

“Guys,” he grabbed Ray and dragged him out of bed before shoving him out the door, “come on.”

“Hey, I’m still in my pajamas!” Ray yelled.

“Let Kristin change first,” Shean said pulling Adrian after him out the door. He shut it quietly leaving me all alone.

I stood for a moment trying to decide what to do. Then I scrambled for my stuff. I didn’t want to look like one of those girls who took forever changing. I threw on a white t-shirt with a black skull on it, and then I quickly pulled up a pair of black shorts. I yanked a comb through my hair and then styled it with my bangs in my eyes like I always did. Finally I pulled my socks and sneakers on.

I glanced at my watch. I grinned; it had taken me six minutes. I opened the door to find Ray only.

He looked me up and down making me feel self conscious. He grinned.

“Nice,” he said.

I flushed, that was the first time a boy had made a real compliment to me.

“Thank you,” I murmured hopping out of the cabin.

“The mess hall is that way,” he pointed down at a large open building, “if you want you can sit with us at table seven. But just so you know Darren is down there, so…”

I blushed brilliant red. Ray looked uncomfortable.

“He’s sorry; I talked to him early this morning,” Ray said quickly, “he’s a neko and at this age nekos tend to be unstable. He really isn’t like that, I swear.”

I sighed. Forgive and forget; that was me! No matter what anybody did, I always let it go. I was stupid like that. I looked at the bright side; I had had my first kiss… sort of.

“Its fine,” I said looking down.

“Great! It won’t happen again I promise,”

I looked up at him and smiled slightly, “can we go down there together? I’m not good at entrances…”

He grinned, “Be out in a sec.”


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The End

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