Unwanted KissesMature


Ray’s voice came in a warning tone, trying to tell Darren to control himself. But the warning was lost. He suddenly came crashing forward. I tried to scream but I only managed to get out a yelp before his lips smashed against mine.

“Darren!” Ray snapped.

But Darren wasn’t listening, his fingers curled around the roots of my hair forcing my head to stay in place as I tried to move. His other hand grabbed the corner of my shirt. I forced my lips together and violently shook my head but he yanked my hair. I yelped and my mouth opened, he deepened his kiss. I pushed against his chest and tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he only pressed me harder against the wall with his body. He began pushing my shirt up his cold hand pressed against my bare skin.


Ray grabbed Darren’s shoulder but Darren let go of my side and whacked Ray across the face without opening his eyes or turning even an inch. Ray stumbled back looking shocked. Darren let go of my hair and grabbed both my wrists and pressed the firmly together with one hand. His free hand went for my jeans. I screamed against his mouth. Ray looked furious. He began stomping forward his teeth bared and his fist up and ready for a punch, the side of his face was swelling.  Then the door burst open. Shean stood in the doorway looking shocked.

I begged him to help me with my eyes as my jeans got pushed further down my hips exposing my skull girl boxers. Ray landed his punch at that moment catching Darren in the side of the face. His lips left mine I shrieked and tried to move in the opposite direction he did. But he had my wrists tightly. I went with him as he crashed onto my bed. He apparently wasn’t aware he was being attacked because he immediately flipped me onto my back and landed heavily on top of me. I started to scream again but the boy was quick with his lips.  


This voice was deep and thick with furry and a moment later Darren was off of me. I heard a loud crack and a yell. I struggled to sit up and a hand grabbed my wrist and yanked me to my feet. It was Ray. I wanted nothing more than to get out of here and never have to see any of these people again. I struggled against his grip but he held me firmly I stopped pulling for a moment to gather my thoughts. I slammed my foot onto his. He yelped and let go. I shoved past Adrian who was smirking in the corner and bolted out the door.

I ran toward the bonfire, fleeing from the crazy monsters in my new cabin. People had gathered around and they were singing a weird song. I began to slow down at the thought of normal people. Then I heard footsteps behind me. I ran ten times harder than I ever had before. The man announcing at the bonfire noticed me as I sped towards him. He frowned as I got closer.

“You are late,” he said when I was ten paces away, “what’s wrong?” He asked when he noticed I wasn’t slowing down.

I zoomed past him charging over guys and tripping and picking myself up again and continuing. I glanced over my shoulder; a shadowy figure was right behind me jumping nimbly over the people I had crashed into. Terror rose fresh in my chest giving me another strong dose of adrenalin. I went for the dirt road out of Wallabe. When I got back to the high way I would search for a phone, call my mom and get the hell out of this cursed place. Would she understand if I told her I had almost been raped on my first day?

If she didn’t I would go to Dad. Mom and Dad had different houses for when they got into fights. Mom would stay with me at the main house and Dad would go to an apartment that his friend was staying in and hang there till they sorted out their differences. I rounded the bend in the road and didn’t slow down despite my aching chest. I struggled forword until a pair of arms circled my waist. I slammed my foot down on my attacker’s feet. He let go for a moment and I charged into the forest on the side of the road. I dashed around trees and jumped over roots. I broke into a clearing, which turned out to be a cliff. I screamed as I skittered at the edge trying to catch myself. I stared down in horror at the thirty foot drop down into more trees.

This was, by far, the worst day of my life.

I was yanked away from the cliff just in time. I staggered backward and landed heavily on my savior’s chest before slipping to the ground from exhaustion. The person dropped to my level. It was Shean. I groaned and tried to push myself up for another dash. He gripped my forearms and forced me to stay seated.

I gave up and focused on breathing.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said softly as I panted and shivered.

I scowled at him through my blond bangs and looked away feeling abused. The places Darren had touched me felt sick and exposed. My lips and head hurt, and because of my run my chest burned and my temples throbbed, my feet felt no better. My breath began to slow down and I was breathing normally again. But my heart still raced and pained in my chest and my lungs and sides were still sore.

“You okay?” Shean asked quietly.

I gave him a jerky nod and looked at my hands.

“What happened?” he whispered.

My hands began to shake and tears pooled in my eyes.

“I don’t know he was just suddenly on me.” my voice was shaking just as bad as my hands were.

“And Ray?”

“He grabbed Darren but then Darren hit him. Then he punched Darren.”   

Shean fell silent for a moment taking it in.

“Did you notice anything weird about either of them?” he asked finally.

I swallowed the fear bubbling in my throat and forced out the question that needed to be answered.

“What are you?” I asked forcefully.

He stared at me for a long moment. His entrancing blue eyes holding mine, he reached out and placed his warm hands on my shaking cold ones.

“You want to know what I am?” he asked without breaking eye contact, his voice was tired and upset.  His hands squeezed mine ever so slightly.

I nodded.

“Alright, I’m a reaper,”


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The End

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