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I turned as the hottest guy I had ever seen in my sixteen years on this feeble planet walked in. He was tall, he had dark blue eyes and dark hair that looked almost blue, his skin was pale and spotless (unlike me). His face was set in a flat emotionless line and his eyes looked turbulent as if he was waging an inner war. He walked in perfect long strides and you could see his muscled chest from under his black turtle necked t-shirt. He had black jeans on and sleek black boots that came up to his knees. In all he looked like… well… I can’t really find anyone to aptly describe him.

He stopped next to me and said in a slow bored clear voice, “yes?”

“This is Kristin Spencer, she will be staying in your cabin tonight and there is a slight chance for the rest of summer. Could you—“

“Fine, I’ll watch her.” Shean said stiffly, so much for nice to new comers.

“Great could you also show her back to the cabin?”

Shean nodded before suddenly spinning around and walking out, I scrambled after him. The walk was silent. If I had been like Crystal or my mom I would have said something smart or flirty but being Kristin means that most of the time your tongue tied. The sun had nearly sunk out of sight, the lights were on in cabins and there were less people wandering about. The week sunlight glinted off of Shean’s hair and it looked like the edges were on fire. It was amazing to watch as the wind pushed it around making it dancing fire.

He stopped suddenly and I bumped into him. I stumbled backwards my face going beat red as he turned and raised an eyebrow at me.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered, I felt so stupid.

The corner of his mouth twitched for a second before he turned and continued walking. We got back to Cabin four. I could hear shouting inside but I couldn’t make out any distinct voices. Shean gave and annoyed sigh before he opened the door. I followed him in apprehensively.

In the middle of the floor Darren was tangled with some other hot dude and they seemed to be in the middle of a fight. And yet another hot guy sat on the bed laughing his head off. He stopped when we walked in. he had oil slick midnight black hair and a sadistic smile on his face. It only grew as he took me in.

I wanted to melt into the floor and disappear. I had never considered myself pretty. I have long pale blond hair, pale skin and gray eyes. I had the disappearing remains of a serious acne attack on my fore head, and I didn’t have gigantic boobs like Crystal or a big butt like her friend Macy.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shean barked at the tangled boys. The one I didn’t know suddenly leaped away from Darren who gave a terrifying snarl but stopped when he noticed me.

The other boy had black hair and light blue eyes and an evil grin.

“Shean!” the boy on the bed suddenly launched across the room with amazing speed and agility. He plastered himself to Shean, his arms wrapped around Shean’s chest and he curled one leg awkwardly around Shean’s waist.

I frowned; the boy was holding Shean really close, like awkwardly close, like a married couple does.

Shean didn’t respond to the gesture he stood tall and stiff as a board. The boy peered around Shean and gave me a hungry look. My good mood vanished. A whole night with these people? I wanted my mom, badly. I was stuck in a camp for teenage guys. And everybody knows that teen age guys tend to have hormonal problems.

“Get off Adrian,” Shean said in a tired voice.

Adrian grinned and my heart nearly stopped. I could swear the kid had fangs.

“What Shean?” Adrian asked, “Aren’t I keeping you warm?”

I was disgusted. I had heard a lot about this kid in the last two hours and I was beginning to understand why everybody thought he was a freak.

“Adrian,” the boy who had been fighting Darren spoke now, “you’re creeping the poor girl out.”

Adrian looked at me again; he pulled away from Shean and was suddenly next to me.

“Kristin,” he grinned evilly at me and I felt my skin prickle, “Darren told us a lot about you!” he frowned, “but you don’t have huge—”

“Shut up Adrian,” Darren snarled.

My face went bright red and I took a step backward towards the door without even meaning to.

Adrian grinned again, “what? I wasn’t going to say anything…”

Shean grabbed my wrist suddenly and pulled me away from Adrian. My skin burned where he touched me and I blushed even harder. He pulled me over to the bed by the window. The one I had already booked.

“You’ll sleep here,” he said letting go.

I noticed an earring high up on his left ear. It was silver and it had red symbols on it.

“Is that okay?” he asked.

I noticed I was staring.

“Um, yes that’s fine, I guess…” I quickly looked down. I let my bag drop onto the bed; my clothes were itchy and dirty from the long car ride here. I wished I could change.

“Well, great,” Shean gave a quick smile that disappeared the moment it started to brighten his perfect face, he turned and grabbed Adrian suddenly, “we are going to have a talk.” He said in a menacing voice, and dragged a snickering Adrian out.

Once Shean and Adrian left  was alone me with Darren and the other guy. I sat down on my bed not sure what to do.

The other guy was suddenly sitting next to me; these guys were seriously freaking me out with their disappearing and reappearing acts.

“Raymond,” he said holding out a hand, “call me Ray.” He gave me a handsome grin.

I stared at his hand before I slowly took it, “uh, Kristin.”

“You don’t talk much do you Kristin?” he said cocking his head to the side.

If it was possible then I got redder, “um, I guess not.”

He shook his head, “nope, its Shean rubbing off on you, once you get to know us, we’ll be like brothers. I can feel it!”

“Can-it will you?!” Darren said furiously, “it’s time to go to the bon fire anyway.”

“Excuse him fair lady,” Ray bowed.

My heart did another jerk as I noticed his eyes sort of change color in the light, they went a sort of orange for a second before they went back to blue. I was so freaked out by the change I barely heard what he said.

“What?” he asked raising an eyebrow at my expression.

“Your eyes, they… oh nothing I’m sure it was just the light.”

“No tell me,” He said, “what did my eyes do?”

I shook my head; they already thought I was crazy enough.

“Tell me.” His voice was hard as his face had become. He had a glint in his eyes that freaked me out.

“Um they went orange for a second,” I squeaked, “I’m sure it was nothing...AHHHH”

A giant pair of pitch black wings erupted out of his back and arched high above him. I scrambled back on the bed gripping the sheets as my back hit the wall. Terror wash through me as the wings started slowly flapping up and down. I had officially lost it. All my weird visions and sightings had come to this, I had mentally snapped. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. They aren’t there, I told myself. You are just seeing things.

I opened my eyes again. They were still there of course, but I told myself firmly to ignore them. Darren was standing next to him now and he had a pair of black cat ears on his head and a black fox tail swishing around behind him. I gave a tiny little gasp but I blinked hard to maintain order in my head.

“What do you think?” Ray asked arching his eyebrows.

“About what?” I asked feeling unusually calm.

“About us.” he said.

What the heck? Why would someone ask a question like that? I decided to answer with some truth.

“Well, you are like any other teenage boys I’ve met. Strange and overly violent.” I sat up straight.

“Not us you idiot,” Darren said grinning, “our extensions.”

My heart stopped, cold sweat trickled down my back. I felt the blood melt away from my face. No. The doctor had told me I had a condition that caused me to see things that weren’t there. Or were they?

Darren leaned forward his tail flicked over my hand. I gasped slightly; it wasn’t supposed to be there. The doctor had said that I wouldn’t be able to touch hear or smell what I saw, it was merely a trick of my eyes. Then why had I felt silky, smooth yet incredibly soft fur over my hand?

“She thinks she’s crazy,” Ray said, his wings slowly appeared to sink into his back.    

 “No!” I yelled suddenly, “no wait!” I leaped off my bed and grabbed the tips of the black feathers. They didn’t disappear like my illusions always did. I gasped loudly this time, I let go and took a step away. Terror reformed in my mind, what the hell was happening here?

Darren smiled broadly as I took a step back. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Ray’s wings came back fully and he gave me a huge grin. Darren smile went suggestive and he took a step forward.

“So what do you think?” Darren murmured. His eyes dropped to my lips. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. He took another step closer, to close. I took two steps back only to feel the wall behind me. My heart beat faster as he lifted his arms up on either side of me; he pressed his palms firmly against the walls. I was trapped.

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The End

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