Moment of Truth

Forever dateless Megan Ellis is in search of her prince charming,the one guy to "Prove they're not all the same". Could Aristotle quoting classmate Ryan Goheen be that guy?(the names and the synopsis all need work but its basically a lonely girl,whos never dated finding the one guy who is actually interested,and then navigating the waters of first dates and relationships at 25)(this is inspirational and has a verse,possibly Jer.29:11 tied to it)

Picking up pace as she exited the lecture hall,it took only five steps to reach the target of her curiosity."Mr Goheen" she called,in the most confidant tone she could muster."miss ellis" he said,turning to face her in front of computer lab 3.With pent up nerves and frustration,she proceeded with the question she just had to ask "what you said back there,were you serious?" with a quizzical look he replied "what?about meeting for pizza and Aristotle"?

The End

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