Just the beginning.....Mature

This is a story about a girl named serenity, how high school made her stronger.


                Goodbyes are the hardest.  The hardest part is realizing you were never good enough and had to live three months knowing you probably never please him in the first place. I’m Serenity; I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years, when I found him cheating on me. I moved over Christmas vacation from my small town in Vermont to Wilmington in North Carolina. My best friend emailed me telling me she saw him with a redheaded chick at the smoothie shop, they kissed then went back to his house. I called him, he confessed. Now it’s the morning of my first day at New Hanover high school.                     I parked my car in the student parking lot, where I had to walk by two couple making out and one having sex in their car. Great I thought to myself this is exactly what I needed to see on my first day. I noticed a sign on the door, which stated every student needs with them at all times their students ID. I walk through the front door and felt small. No one notice or cared to notice. I went to the front desk, where the secretary gave me my ID, locker number and class schedule.               

                “Your locker would be on the second floor sweetie” she told me.            

                “Thanks” I said with a smile then walked away  

                Walking up the stair you would have felt like you were running a marathon. I was tired by the time I got to the top. Looking the numbers at each locker as I went down through till I came to 286. I stared at the petite locker, wondering how I’m going to fit everything in it.                                                                  “You know its much bigger inside.” I heard a voice say next to me, I looked to see a girl with black hair and blonde highlights wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a shirt that said “Bite me”.                      “Really” I said not convinced.                                                     

                “Yeah.” She then opened her locker and I notice she was right it was a lot bigger then it looked on the outside. “I’m Veronica by the way.”  


                “You new here?”                                                                                                                            

                “Yeah, how’d you guessed?”     

                “Your innocent confused look could have possibly have it away.” She said smiling            

                Before I could respond a boy with the same hair. Black jeans and a gray shirt came over. “Hey baby, ready?” he asked.  

                “Yeah just a minute, Jason this is Serenity, Serenity this is my boyfriend Jason.”

                “Hey.” He said  

                “Hi,” I responded

                “Well we better be going, see you later Serenity, text me.” She gave me a piece of paper with her cellphone number and then she and Jason walked away. 

                I shoved the piece of paper in the back of my pant pocket, and opened my locker where I placed my bag, sweatshirt, and took out my English binder and a pencil.  When I closed my locker I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around my eyes meet the most two gorgeous blues eyes ever. I think for a quick minute of my life I forgot how to speak all together.         

                “Hey.” He said  

                I stood there in complete silence for a minute until his face expression turned into a confused one.  “Hi”

                “New?” he asked with a gentle smile

                “Yeah.” I said smiling back

                “Sweet, I’m Drew.”        

                “Serenity”, before he could respond a blonde headed girl came running over screaming.             

                “DREW PATTERSON, don’t you walk away from me!”

                “Listen Brittany I told you once and I’ll tell you once more it’s over and I’m done talking about it.”

                “Well Drew the world doesn’t only evolve around you and I’m not done.”

                He stood there for a moment with an irritated look. “Well Brittany I’m done listening to what you have to say, you slept with Brad, I don’t want to give my heart out to a cheater once again.”        

                “Will you stop with that other time; I told you I was drunk. Then Brad was there for me when you went to Florida I was lonely Drew.”          

                “So the next time I’m lonely I can have sex with one of your friends?”

                “I’d never leave you like you left me.”

                “Bye Brittany.” He said then he looked back at me.

                That was the first time Brittany even knew I was standing there. She looked me up and down, and then gave a disgusting look.

                “Who is this.” She asked

                “Serenity” Drew responded

                “What is she standing here for, and why are you looking at her and smiling?”

                “I am talking to her.”

                Then she looked at me “Little annoying bitch you can leave okay.” She said

                Wow I thought, then I was about to turn around and leave when Drew took my hand and stopped me from leaving.

                “Brittany just leave me the fuck alone and go make out with fucking Brad, okay I’m done with you and your pointless drama now get that through your think head.” He said aggravated.

                “Fine, Fine Drew I’ll leave you and your little whore alone. You will regret this Drew Patterson, regret it.” She said flipping her hair back and leaving with her little clique.

                When she left I looked up at Drew, he put his hand through his think blonde hair and let out a big sigh. “God she stresses me out.”

                “She doesn’t seem very nice.”

                “No kidding try being with her for two years, anyway I was thinking since your new how about after school I show you around Wilmington a little?”

                Before I got to answer the first bell rand and a mess of students were rushing to get to their first class, that’s when I lost him.

                I walked into the English classroom. The room was half filled, seeing an empty table I walked over to it, set my stuff down, pulled out the chair and say down. Two minutes later Veronica and Jason walked in, seeing me they turned my direction and sat down.               

                “Hey, Serenity.” Said Veronica as she sat down.


                Then the next time I looked at the door it was him, I wondered if he noticed me, then shortly my wondering came to an end when he walked to a table filled with jocks and started talking. I let out a sigh. Then Veronica looked in my direction, her eyes lit up and she had a smile ear to ear.

                “Serenity, going after the big guns huh?”

                “What?” I asked with a laugh

                “You have a thing for Drew Patterson, who is the captain of the football team and completely drop dead gorgeous. Who just recently broke up with Brittany the cheerleading captain.”

                “Yeah, well a girl can dream right.” I said

                Then right when I looked back at the jock table my eyes meet Drew’s he waved to his jock friends and made his way over to the table I was sitting at. Nervous as I was I looked down at my binder and started playing with my hair.

                “Hey, I thought I lost you.” He said with a smile sitting backwards in the chair next to me.

                “Yeah well.” I said with a smile

                “So, when do I get my answer?” he asked

                “I would love you to show me around.”

                “Righteous, so right after school.”

                “Sounds perfect.”

                I looked at Veronica who was looking down at her paper smiling not saying a word, Then  at Jason who was making a paper airplane. Then I looked at Drew who was smiling at me with his sparkling blue eyes. Then I heard someone yell across the room.             

                “Yeah Drew, get some.”

                “Shut up.” He said laughing

                I felt my face flush, then I wondered if this is how all huge high school are like, falling in love with a boy you don’t even know getting called a bitch and all on your first day.

                “Okay everyone take a seat please, and Mr. Patterson please sit in your chair the right way.” Said Mrs. Bloom.

                “Sorry forgot.” He said smiling

                “Yeah well let’s not have it happen again.”


                He turned around in his chair, the teacher the wrote something on the board about dark romantics, then she started talking. Three minutes after listening I felt myself does off. When I looked down at my notes I saw a little piece of paper folded up. I looked at Drew who had his full attention towards the teacher, but I noticed a little grin on his face. I opened up the note and it read, “Your cute when you’re about to fall asleep (:” I smiled then he looked at me and smiled back.    

                An hour later I had two pages back and front about the dark romantic and twelve little folded up pieces of paper of little comments Drew told me. Which I stuffed in my pocket. Then the bell rang and everyone got up. I waved to Veronica and Jason when they left to Chemistry. Then I looked at Drew.

                “So what do you have next?”

                “Algebra.” I said

                “Darn I have weight lifting next, I bet you don’t have that on your schedule?”

                “No I don’t, it didn’t fit.” I said with a smile

                “Well I’ll walk you if you want .” he said

                “That would be great.” I said

                We then walked up two flights of stairs until I saw the room that read Algebra II with Mr. Ted We stopped at the door and looked at each other.

                “Well you better go to class, I don’t want to make you later.” I said

                He shrugged. “It’s just my dad I doubt he’d care

                “Oh well I’ll see you later.” I said

                “Yeah, later.”

                Then I walked away into the room, I saw he stood there for a minute then when I looked back he was gone. The hour that I was in Algebra just dragged on. I went through two more classes without a sign of Drew or Veronica. When the final bell rang it was time for lunch. I walked into the lunch room and looked around, I saw Drew’s jock friends sitting with the cheerleaders, then the nerds, emo, gossip table, and then I saw Veronica and Jason. Veronica waved me over

                “So how’s New Hanover treating you.” She asked

                “It’s okay, class are boring”

                “I’d like to be in a class that isn’t boring.” Said Jason

                We went up to the lunch line got our food and sat back down. I listened to Veronica talk about this gory movie she watch last night. She really put way too much detail in it while I was trying to eat. Then I felt someone touch my hair, I looked next to me and Drew put down his tray and sat down.

                “My favorite class, lunch.” He said

                I looked down at his tray, he had two hamburgers a bunch of fries and a soda. He must work out a lot to keep his built structure he had, eating like that.

I smiled and said, “I can see that.”

“Yeah, well I work out five hours a day, gotta get my fat back somehow.” He said

I gave a little laugh. This is the most I laughed in a while. When I was with Seth I never laughed or blushed this much. We sat there in silence for a while eating, when Veronica and Jason left to go hangout with the art teacher. Veronica told me they have this huge obsession with art, and when they graduate they will become professional artist and make millions of dollars. She told me that one day I have to come over and see some of her drawings.

When they left it left just me and Drew. It was kind of awkward sitting there with nothing to say. Then he broke the silence that seemed to go on forever.

“So, I have been thinking, that since tomorrow is Saturday, would you maybe want to come with me to the beach. I’m a lifeguard part time, you could come see me in action.” He smiled

I blushed. “That would be awesome, but this is kind of embarrassing, and only my best friend back in Vermont knows this.’ I leaned over a little and whispered. ‘I can’t swim.”

He smiled. “You can’t swim’ he said ‘that’s not a problem I could teach you.”

“You would take time out of your busy schedule to teach me to swim?”

“Yeah, how about every Saturday we meet at the bay and have swimming lessons?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“Sweet, it’s a date.”

I smiled and felt my face grow redder and redder.  His blue eyes glistened in the florenced lights. I could stare into his eyes and get lost in them, When I notice I had been daydreaming and still looking at his blue eyes I quickly looked away.

“You do know, it’s cute when  you blush red like that.” He said was a smile.

I didn’t quite know how to respond to that so instead I smiled. Then shortly after the bell ranged. Drew and I both picked up our trash and threw it away and walked to class. I had History and he had Pottery. He insisted on walking me to class even though my class was farther away.

When we walked to the door of the classroom, we just stood there not knowing what to do. Then all of a sudden he leaned over and gave me a long but amazing hug. Then still holding me, he looked me into the eyes. Then said.

“Don’t leave at the end of the day, wait for me.”

I nodded an okay nod. Then he let go and we parted ways.                                                                                         When you really want school to be over, two classes seem to go on for ages. When the clock stuck 3:00 evenly the final bell rang. I thought to myself, I made it through my first day of a new school and made three new friends, and about four enemies.

He was there waiting for me near the doors. “Hey” he said with a smile.


“You still want me to show you around Willmington tonight right?” he asked

“Of course.”

“Sweet, I’ll drive.”

“Okay, so that means I need to go home and drop off my car and tell my mom.”

“Okay, I’ll follow you.”

When I got to my house, Drew walked me to my door and then we went into my house. My  mother was sitting at the table reading the “People’s” magazine she reads ever week to get her celebrity gossip updates. Then when she heard me come in she looked up from her reading. She was about to say something when she notice that I wasn’t alone.

“Oh well hello, I see you made a new friend.”

“Yeah, mom this is Drew, Drew this is my mom.”
                Drew went over to my mom and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you Mrs.White.” he said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you also.” She said smiling back.

                “Um, Mom Drew is going to show me around tonight, If that’s okay.” I said

                “Yes well I suppose since its not a school night, that its okay. Just be home by midnight.” She said going back to her reading.

                “Thanks.’ I turned to Drew. “I have to change real quick,if you want you can come up with me.”

                He looked at me for a minute not knowing if he should follow me into my room  with my mother sitting there, the when she looked up she gave him the okay nod then followed me upstairs. I grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a cute shirt from my dresser, then went to the bathroom to change. When I came out, Drew was looking at the pictures hanging on my mirror above my dresser. The picture I had been meaning to throw away, but couldn’t make myself do it.


The End

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