"Mat" Petunia whispered to her brother

" What do you want?" Mat replied back

" What time is it?"

" I don't know! Why the hell would I know!"

" I thought you found that watch?"

" Mark and Penny get you butts in the kitchen NOW!"

" Really, she got our names wrong, again.…" Petunia said in disappointment 

" Well, you better get over it were here for the rest of our god damn lives"

Then Mat and Petunia went to the kitchen to see what their master Lilliana needed this time. Mat walked out first and Petunia fallowed. Hand and hand they each slowly walked to Lilliana.

" DO YOU SEE THIS!" Lilliana screamed as she pointed to the kitchen stove.

" Master what is wrong with it?" Mat asked

" Your what's wrong with it!" Lilliana said as fast as she could because she knew there was nothing wrong with it

" That had no meaning?" Petunia said to stick up for her brother

" Yeah it did, and do I need to whip you again?" Lilliana announced 

" No, no, no I will re-clean it" Petunia said

" Make your selves  some soup, with the dirty dishwater and the rotten chicken I cant have you two dying on me now who would do everything for me?" Lilliana said with a little giggle

Mat walked away. 

" Ugh, Petunia I would like to speak with you." Lilliana said while Mat walked away

" Yea Ma'am" Petunia said a little scared

" I am going to triple your chores, because you're a little brat... ha and you cant do anything about it" Lilliana said " Now leave"

Petunia then left and found Mat sitting on his bed. Then Petunia went and sat on his bed with him then whispered to Mat

" I miss mom and dad"

The End

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