Otis Whiten

Justin Nits looked up at Otis. Otis could tell that Justin would looking at his every detail, and seeing if he was trustworthy. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Justin held out his hand. 

"Hello, Otis." Justin said and he held out his book, "You will be reading Treasure Island." 

"That's a good book." Otis said, "I've read it during my free time once." 

"Have you?" Justin began to like this person, he actually had a good sense in books. 

"Yes. But it was quiet a long time ago. Anyways, where should we read?" 

"I was thinking outside in the courtyard, maybe. I like to read around nature." 

"Me too." Otis said, "Because sometimes interesting things happen out there. Like once I saw a squirrel get stung by a bee. Poor thing, it screamed so loud my neighbors started complaining." 

"Did you really?" Justin said, "I once saw a lone bat. It was near death!" 

"Seriously? That's scary!" 

Justin shook his head, "Yeah. But that was at my old house. I live here now. And nothing ever happens in here.

Otis looked puzzled, "So why'd you come here? If nothing ever happens, what's the point?" 

Justin sighed, "My family had me come. I-I don't even like these people! They're all half dead, it seems! They spend most of their time sleeping! It seems like, as you get older, most of the fun is sucked out from your life! I want to do something...but I'm not sure what to do. There is just nothing to do." 

Otis nodded, "Sounds like me at college. Nothing ever seems to happen around there. We're inside the school most of the time. And I hate everyone there. They're all like 'd-dude!'.  My mom and dad had me go, because they said I would thank them in the future. Justin, you and I are alike."

"How so?" 

"Well, for one, all I just said. We are people who are different from the rest. We are like rare gems, hard to find. But sometimes gems don't even have a great life. We don't even like most of the people we're around, because they're nothing like us. And we enjoy the outdoors, except we don't get to be out there so much. And also, you don't know what to do around here, and I don't know what to do out there in the big world. I'm not sure what I even like." 

Justin looked puzzled, but then his eyes widened, "Your right." he breathed. 

The End

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