"You will?" Tom asked in surprised, he thoughted his mother would say not to him. He excpected that to be his punishment for sneaking out the night before, but so far his mother seemed happy to just have him back.

"Of course!" Tom's mother cried, "As long as it's for the Orphans, poor children." Ah, Tom understood then. She probably wouldn't give him any money, but she would give some for the orphans. "...Think of all they had went through! They must be very sad."

Tom nodded, "I know. And there's a girl I saw there that looked very ill. I think she might have skin cancer or something!"

Tom's mother's eyes widened, "Really? " she said, "Skin cancer? Oh dear, you must give the money to the orphans right away!" She urshered Tom to the door. Giving him a checkbook, "write down as much as they need. Goodbye!"

The End

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