Tomas Theodore Brownstone

"I am leaving!" Tomas Theodore Brown said as he slammed the door of his mansion shut. He was so angry at everyone right now. He hated his mother, for worrying way to much about what he wore everyday, and how much she wanted him to be her "little boy". And his father kept telling him that someday Tom would own the family business, except his father never noticed that his son didn't want to own a diamond mine. Too many of his fathers workers got hurt, and besides, Tom wanted to do other things. Well, he wasn't exactly sure of what to do yet, but he knew he wanted to do a normal job. Maybe a job at a flower job would do him good. He was very interested in flowers, so maybe he could go to a college and study flowers there, and find a job at a flower shop. He did not want to put men into a mine, and maybe never see them come out again. He wanted to do something that actually involved him working.

Tom stepped out into the pitch black night. The cool air swooped around him. Tom wondered if maybe he should've grabbed his coat along with his sweatshirt. But it didn't matter anyways, he would most likely be back before 12:00. So Tom started down the dark street, watching each house turn off their lights as he passed. He felt so lonely, scared, but he felt free. It was something he hadn't ever felt, and it felt good. 

Tom soon left the rich part of town and was then in the downtown part. He passed the orphanage. He looked in the window and saw a boy help a girl into bed. She looked very ill. Tom did not like this.

The orphanage owner walked into the room, she gave the girl and boy a cold stare, and said something to them. (Tom didn't know what she said, of course, but he was sure she told them to go to bed.) 

Tom then made up his mind to see the kids in the morning. He started on his way home. He would tell his parents about this, maybe they could donate some money to help the sick girl.  

The End

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