Otis Whiten

Otis Whiten sat on the bench outside the Nursing Home. He didn't know that Justin Nits was in there, but he would soon. Otis looked at other people, they looked so happy. Girls, his age, were always walking around with another boy. Otis looked at the ground, feeling ashamed. He felt like everyone else had someone who loved them, except himself. He did have someone who loved him at one time, his mother and father, but they had sent him off to some college, probably just to get rid of him. And his brother, Jacob, was still at home, because he "didn't have to go" because he was "already so smart" because he was their favorite.

"Otis?" said one of Otis's professors, "Can you explain why you weren't in class today? You don't look the least bit sick." 

Otis avoided the mans eyes. The truth was that he had skipped a few classes today, but it actually was because he wasn't feeling to well. He was feeling overwhelmed. Otis had no clue of what to do with himself. He felt like he was on his own, now, trying to find the right path to take. But he felt as if there were no paths for him. He felt like each of the paths just weren't suitable enough. And he knew that whatever path he took, he would be stuck with that one forever. Why did he have to chose what he wanted to do at such a young age? He didn't know what he was going to like to be doing when he finally got serious with a career.

"I wasn't feeling well at the time." Otis lied, "But I'm feeling much better now." 

Otis's professor raised his eyebrow, "Oh really?" he said, and Otis knew he must have gotten this all the time, "Well, when your ready to tell the truth, I'll be in my room. Waiting." 

Then the professor left, and Otis felt even worse.     

The End

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