Just some random thing I thought up that doesn't have a name yet

This is about 5 different people most of whom have never met each other and about how they do meet and what happens.


Justin  Nits wheeled himself to the dinning room. Soup again. He really hated that his family had put him in this stupid nursing home. All he wanted was to be at home with Mr. Fluffykins, his kitty that he'd had to sell when he came here, purring on his lap.

"Mr. Nits?" one of the nurses said. "Why don't you sit over here next to Ms. Reklast?" Justin sighed and rolled over.

There isn't even anything wrong with me, he thought miserably. I'm just a little forgetful, that's all.

Justin grabbed his spoon and ate his soup trying not to let it touch his tongue.

The End

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