The Blue Door

"Welcome to the blue door my friend." A guy said, as he opens the door. "My name is Tristan, and I shall give you a tour to what is behind this door." 

You found yourself in a bedroom, with Tristan beside you and another man, lying on the bed, with a pillow covering his face. 

"I'm your story teller for today, maybe just not today actually, I'm honestly not sure when I could finish my story telling to you. Anyways, his name is Franz, that's his nickname actually, his real name is France but when he was younger, he never liked the name France, he was like, ashamed of it." 

Franz, or perhaps, France if you would like to sound formal, started sobbing under the pillow. You came closer, and saw cuts on his wrist. "Poor boy" Tristan said, as he comes near Franz. "As you can see, Franz is depressed. You know, the mental illness. Surprisingly, his room is so neat, something not to be expected from a depressed guy."

Look around the room, the neat room painted in white. No marks, no writings, no anything, it looks like a peaceful room, like the owner is not depressed.

If you're doubting why is Tristan talking about Franz in front of the subject, that is because, you're both in a different world, maybe dimension or whatever it is. All I am trying to tell you is that, no one can see, hear and feel the both of you. In short, invisible. 

"He's obsessive compulsive when it comes to his room, he always want it clean. I remember one time, when he was writing an entry on his diary that it was his way to find a little piece of mind." 

You rude guy, don't just look around the room while Tristan is talking! You're pissing the kind guy off! 

"Hey, if you're interested in other stories, you could go back and pick another door you know? I don't wanna force you to listen to a story you don't like."

So, he's giving you a chance (although you could actually go back anytime you want.) Pick.

The End

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