Breaking Free?Mature

Wow I'd not seen Fran in years!! We grew up together in the Slums but once I started Kai'Arts we drifted he didn’t like it, I think he was jealous. But know look at him, he’s probably pretty good at it now, the hypocrite always saying he’d never fight for food. Ha, he’ll have to in here. I was so wound up in thinking of Fran and how much he’d changed, oh mi gosh, I thought he was pretty earlier, eww that’s like dating my brother, anyway, I walked straight into Scar, the resident “hardass”, he was in charge, not like blatantly so the guards could see but subtly, if you wanted anything he could sort it for you. To be fair as well, he’s actually a real softy, likes to listen to classical music etc. I ran into him on my first day here, I nearly passed out with fright, but he just took me in told me who to watch out for. After that no-one came near me, I kinda had his seal of approval ya know.

“Hey Kait m’love” he boomed at me, he never whispered or shouted always just boomed, “Is that greenie a friend of yours?” “Yeh we grew up together not seen each other in years he gave me these” I pulled my Sai from my sleeves where I’d been hiding them, “Shit your Sai, you’re gonna have to keep those away from the guards Sweetie, want me to hide ‘em for ya?” The rush of affection I felt for this old scared softy was insurmountable

“You’re an angel” And with that I skipped off, well I wouldn’t say skipped, more like sauntered alluringly and dangerously, its good to keep these sickos on their toes. Now don’t lecture me on how I most likely asked to be raped etc and how I deserved it and all that shit. Before I was raped I was strong, mentally, physically, I was at the prime of my game, and now I’m almost too scared to breathe sometimes, it just hits me like a wave of…jelly? It immobilises me, so I saunter alluringly to keep myself sane, to make me feel strong again. Having my Sai back helped, feeling the familiar weight in my hands once again, even if they are probably hidden under Scars bed it’s nice to know they’re near. And Eifran….gosh seeing him again was pretty surreal, in the slums on our own we looked after each other, there was no-one else to do it, we made do. He was probably my first love…but no more, that al changed with Kylar and the Kai’Arts, I don’t love Kylar before you suggest it, but he introduced me to a world that Fran didn’t like, so we drifted apart. All this nostalgia is making my head spin, I need sleep.


I can’t breathe shit get this off my mouth shit, shit, shit!

“Kaity sister, calm down, breathe its me.” It was Eifran, with his hand over my fucking mouth what’s that in aid of huh? He let go eventually.

“You could of just woken me up!” I hissed he looked at me and laughed,

“The last time I did that you nearly killed me in reflex I’m not trying that one again in a hurry!” Fair point, but still. I could smell smoke and hear shouting ok this is getting weird now.

“What’s going on Fran?”

“Its time”, he handed me my Sai and a black parcel, it was heavy and soft at the same time I opened it.

“Oh wow, this is amazing!” Inside the package was a set of Kai’tists blacks and a large katana sword, curve up slightly at the edge, inscribed in Kumochi Characters it said, I am the redeemed, the Lover and the Seeker, and on the hilt my cage name, Stormheart. It was perfect, so beautiful in its craftsmanship, real Kumochi Silver Steel, weighted perfectly, the ultimate killing weapon.

“Fran it’s perfect, how? Why? I..?” he interrupted

“Come on sister, we’ve got a prison to escape from” he winked again, grabbed my hand and pulled me up,

“Get ready quick”. I pulled the blacks on, marvelling at their strength and softness, how they moulded to my shape automatically. I fitted the blade to my back and a Sai to each hip, I was ready

. “One last thing Sister” and then he pulled a mask over my face, “We don’t want people recognizing us as we either escape or kill lots people do we now Blossom?” And with that he grabbed my hand once more and pulled me out the room.

The End

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