Just one more PrisonerMature

This is something i wrote especially for this website
I wrote in the 1st person which is pretty unusual for me so that you can feel how the Main character (Kait) feels in her crazy situations.
The story kind of mixes in bit of my martial arts knowledge with Tolkein-esque/Sci Fi type genre.
Pretty Crazy mix tbh :)

I hate the rain.

Hate the way it clings to every eyelash, drenches all your clothes so they stick to you like a second skin, which is never good, not when you have hundreds of eyes on you, watching your every move with a sadistic hunger. Men, well the men of Junko’s Hill at least, rapists and murders the lot of them just stare like they’ve never seen a woman. Oh yeh, Junko’s hill, it’s a prison…supposedly, more like it is its own country, an island in the Eastern Archipelago Sea, it governs itself and it is where the scum of the earth get sent to “pay their dues”.

I didn’t murder anybody, just killed them. It’s entirely different, murder is when you do it for fun, get an adrenaline rush from the stabbing of the blade or feel an ecstasy as the warm blood gushes over your hands, your chest and your feet, murder is enjoying it. I can’t say I enjoyed it, I was just walking down the street one night, it was pretty late I admit, but I’d been with my teacher, Kylar, he’d just given me some Sai the week before and was teaching me how to use them, we got pretty wrapped up in it to be honest, lost track of time. He offered to walk me home; I have to say I did laugh at that. So yeh I was walking down the street, when I was grabbed and pushed into a dark alley and flung against the wall, so ye him pretty use to this form all the weapons training that I’ve done, what I wasn’t prepared for was the three sets of hands holding me down, so I couldn’t move could barely breathe. And the feel of cold, hard steel on my neck from the clawed knuckle dusters of my mysterious assailant(s?)

They clawed at my clothes, like animals they bit and scratched me, each clamouring over the juiciest bits of my body as they all tried desperately to be the first one in there, so I wasn’t their used goods. I stopped screaming eventually, just let them have their “fun” for a while, what else could I do. My Sai were in my inner jacket pocket digging in to me with each thrust, I managed to reach and grab one, and that’s all I can remember. Apparently they found me surrounded by six dead bodies, three of them being my assailants, two Policemen who were called to the scene and the final one a young man, about 20 years old, still breathing just. I still don’t know where he came from, they never told me, Gregor, that was his name, is still his name for I all I know, they carted me here straight after that, life in here, its no life, its survival.


But moving on, it’s not like there aren’t enough sob stories on the world, without me moping over my own. I quickly gained a reputation in Junko’s, the blokes thought they cud have me, the girls thought I’d want “protecting”, there were a few black eyes that first week, no-one is touching me again…never.


So we established that it is raining, but that won’t stop the Warden making us take a roll call, the odd smash and search of our cells and one or two good fights, that’s a day in the life of a Con. Sucks major ass huh? ‘Cept from today actually, they brought some pale faced greenie in, supposedly a mass murderer or some shit, I doubt it, there was something about the way he walked, graceful and cat-like like a dancer, and the way he stood, muscles tensed ready to jump, kinda gave him away as someone trained in some form of Kai’Arts, but those eyes, god it was liked they looked right through you and saw your soul, undress me eyes. He walked right up to me, ignoring the warning shouts and pretty boy jeers, he was quite pretty to tell you the truth but that’s irrelevant, and just stood their in front of me and inclined his head somewhat. What’s that supposed to be? An acknowledgement of my rising Status in the underworld cages or the Kai’Arts? Or a threat, a warning?

“We’ve been watching you sister,” that’s what he said to me, the only person to call me sister was Kylar, how did this skinny wannabe know him?

“Kylar sends his love….and these” he handed me my Sai, and I knew something was going to happen, that’s what I could see in the way he walked and the way he stood, freedom.

“Be patient, it will happen”

And then he just sauntered away, no by your leave, explanation or even a godamn name

“Dude I don’t even know your name?!” I shouted at him

“Yeh you do” and he winked at me

Winked at me, who the fucks ever winked at me? Argh, come on memory gimme a hint.

“Eifran? Fran? Seriously is it you

“Of course it is baby of course it is”

The End

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