Open Arms

    "Harry it's not that it's just that I don't want to be a vampire I don't want a baby and I especially don't want to be here" I  said, while he rubbing my back. "You know how you say you have seduce powers and make anybody do whatever you want them to do, well why haven't you used it on me" I said. "How do you know I never use it on you" he said. "Because I never felt different, and how does it work" I said. "Well, I just gotta do this" he said grabbing my waist pulling me closer, then he slid down my shirt to kiss my shoulder then he went to my neck, the he kissed my cheek then he starred into my eyes. "Don't you wanna kiss me" he said. "Yes" I said in a trance. "Then kiss me" he said, I leaned in the we kissed. 

      I wrapped my arms around his neck then he wrapped his arms around my back. "Wait, I can't do this while you in a trance" he said. "But I'm not" I said in a trance. "Really, do want to be a vampire and be with me forever" he said. "Yes" I said. "No lets just go to bed okay" he said. "Okay" I said then we just snuggled and went to bed. I woke up and felt different. "Morning babe" someone said. "Morning Harry" I said turning over. Harry smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "How you feeling this morning" he asked. "Good, why" I asked. Then he moved his hand on my lower back and went up, it hurt a lot when he did. "Ow" I said getting up. "I'm sorry, I thought you were feeling well" he said. "What happen" I said. "Nothing" he said looking away. "Did we have sex" I said. "No me and Liam had fight last night and he was coming after you, so I pushed you and you hit the cupboards" he said. "Oh wow I can't remember a thing from last night" I said.

     "Really nothing" he said. "Yeah why" I said lying to him to see if he's tells me everything. "Well, that's weird" he said. "What happen last night" I said. "Well, I put you in a trance where you can love me, we almost had sex but then I didn't want to" he said. "You passed" I said giving him a hug. "What do you mean" he said. "I remember everything, I was just lying I wanted to see if you would tell me the truth" I said. "Wow, well what do you want to now" he said. "Well, I'm gonna got to the bathroom and get refreshed, and do you have any of my clothes" I said. "Well of course" he said showing a big bag of my clothes. I walked into the bathroom and put on different clothes and brushed my long brown hair. 

     I walked out and saw Zayn coming towards me, I walked to Harry's door as fast as I could but Zayn use his super speed and grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall. "Hello gorgeous" Zayn said. "Hello Zayn how are you" I said. "Hmm, very good just thinking of what I want to eat" he said. "Well you can't have me, because I'm Harry's" I said. "Oh really" he said. Then I saw Harry behind him, smiling at me. "Really" Harry said pushing him off of me. "Told ya so" I said walking away with Harry. Then someone flew threw the window, and had his fangs out ready to eat me. "Hello pretty you ready to come with us" some guy said. "She's mine not your" Harry said going after him. Then another person came threw the other window there were many a lot of vampires surrounded me. "Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis help me please" I yelled then everyone came running. I turn around and saw Harry, about to be killed. "No please don't kill, him" I yelled. But nobody heard me. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed the scissors, then I ran out where the boys where fighting, I cut my wrist and waited until someone smelled the blood. 

     "Sam No" I heard Harry say. "I'm sorry" I said. All the vampires started coming after me but all the boys started killing them, but one came after me and bit my wrist. "Ahhh" I screamed when I felt her fang were in my skin. Harry grabbed her off and threw her into the boys, they killed her. "Harry, I'm sorry, I didn't want you to die" I said. "It's okay your safe now, but I have to suck the venom" he said. "It's alright as long you can stop" I said. He pushed his fangs out and sucked the venom out of my wrist but then he kept going. "Harry, it's gone" I said. "Harry, stop your gonna kill her" Niall said. "Harry please stop" I said. Then Zayn pushed him off and I looked at him and his eyes were red. "Harry calm down" Niall said. "No stop I need more" Harry said. Niall stared at him and torture him, he fell down and holding his head. I ran to Harry, and grabbed him. "Ahhh, make it stop" he said. "Niall, stop it your hurting him" I said. "No it's for his own good" he said. "Stop it I think that good" I said. "No" he said. I got up and slapped him, then he looked at me and stared at me. "Are you crazy, you know he gonna kill you" he said. "No he's not, not after what you did" I said.

     He stared at me and never blinked. "Are you trying to torture me, or something because it's not working" I said. "That's weird, it's always worked" he said. "Niall it's because she a human" Louis said. I knelled down to Harry and made sure he was alright. "Harry it's alright your gonna be okay, here lets go to your bedroom" I said. I walked him to his bedroom and I cover him up with the blanket and let him go to sleep. I walked out and saw the boys cleaning up the bodies, I just grabbed Niall and punched him.  

The End

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