Not Anything Like The Books

    "Wow, that was a rush" I said laughing. "Start taking your clothes off" he said. "Excuse me" I said looking at him. "Start taking your clothes off and get in the shower" he said. "Well I'm not those type of girls who can stripe right in front of a guy so sorry but you have to leave first" I said pushing him out the door. I took off my clothes and jumped in the shower and let the hot water drip on my back. "Harry, you can come in and grab my clothes" I yelled.

     After I got done with the shower I open the curtain and didn't see any clothes so I wrapped the towel around me and looked down the hallway and nobody down the hallway. I got to Harry's room, I walked in and saw him sleeping. "Harry I know your not sleeping, I need clothes" I said, kicking the bed. He didn't get up he just pretended to sleep so I walked over to the window and punched it, it took my skin off a little bit. It bled badly I just stood there holding my arm, I waited until Harry got up probably feed on me. I saw him open his eyes and they were full of redness he came over to me and grabbed my arm. "Why would you torture me like this" he said with his fangs out. "This was the only way you would get up, and if you love me enough you would just let me bleed out and don't save me" I said. "Louis, hurry, now" he yelled. "What, what is it" Louis said. "It's her arm god damn it" Harry said. "I can fix this" Louis said coming over to me, grabbing my arm.

     "It's all healed" he said showing Harry. "Thanks Louis" I said. "Your welcome and goodnight" he said. "Sam why would you do that" he said moving his hand back and forth in his hair. "Because you wouldn't get up and I need clothes" I said. "You know I could of killed you right there" he said. "Yeah why didn't you" I said. "Because I never mind here" he said handing me a shirt and underwear. "Harry" I said walking over to him. "Goodnight" he said laying down closing his eyes. "But Harry, I lov-" I said. "Goodnight Sam" he said flipping over. "Fine" I said getting up walking downstairs into the living room. I went into the kitchen and looked for something to eat but all they had was blood, I guess I could try it again. "Hey Sam what are you doing" Liam said. "Nothing just trying to find something to eat" I said. "Well, we have blood" he said laughing. "Yeah, I'll take some" I said sitting at the table. "I was joking" he said. "I know but I want the blood" I said, so he gave me a glass of blood. 

     "Cheers" he said. Then he chugged his down, I grabbed my glass and drunk it. I walked over to the kitchen sink and threw up. Liam held my hair back, I kept throwing up everything. "I'm sorry Sam I shouldn't made you drink that" he said. When I got done I had blood dripping down my mouth and all over my chin. "It's alright Liam it's not your fault it's mine" I said. "Here" he said handing me a wet rag. I wiped my mouth all clean. "All good" I said. "Yeah but you missed one spot" he said. He leaned in and kissed me, don't tell Harry, okay Liam, I said in my mind. Then someone pushed Liam and he went flying, I looked and saw Harry. Liam ran after me, but Harry pushed me super hard and I hit the cupboards. 

     I hit them hard, I got up and ran into Harry's room and went under the bed and hid until him and Liam stopped fighting. Then I heard footsteps coming into the room, then someone busted the door open like they were the damn police. "Sam where the hell are you" Harry said angry. I got scared and stood still and waited until he left. "Boo" he said on his hands and knees, he grabbed my legs and I grabbed the bed frame wheel. "Let go Sam" he said. "No leave me alone" I said. He tickled my stomach then I let go, I tried to grab something but there wasn't nothing. He picked me up and grabbed my wrist, then he threw me on the bed. He flipped me over on my stomach, then he ripped the shirt in half and looked at my back. "Harry please stop, your hurting me" I said. 

     "Sam quit moving I'm looking at your back, it's bruised, I'm sorry" he said. "Harry, I know you got jealous when he kissed me but you were being a jerk to me, so he kissed me because he know how I was feeling" I said. "I'm sorry that I don't know what your thinking or don't know how you feel" he yelled. "I know but I'm sorry" I said putting my chin on his shoulder. He turned his head facing me then he kissed me, he hovered over me and started deepen the kiss. He flipped us over so where I'm on him. "Wait, Harry, we can't do this while the boys are in the house" I said. "Why not" he said. "Because they're vampires, and so are you" I said. "So, I'll be gentle" he said. "It's not that it's just that, I don't want them to hear us and I'm afraid that your gonna hurt me" I said.

     "Okay for one love, this ain't no twilight stuff, this is actually reality, and you can't get pregnant by a vampire while your human, I think" he said. "What do you mean I can't get pregnant by vampire while I'm a human, you think, does that mean I might be able to get pregnant by a vampire" I said getting off of him. "Sam, I don't know I would have to look into this because it might be possible, but this isn't twilight, so I can control my thing like I won't be able to break the bed or make marks on you or anything like that stuff" he said. 

The End

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