"C'mon just one bite that's all" he said while his cold breath was on my neck. "No I already told you that, so just let me go" I said struggling to get out of his arms. "Stop squirming, it'll just make it worst" he said. "I don't want to be a blood sucker like you are and feed on innocent people" I said. "Oh now you done it" he said.

    I was walking home alone from the library, because I had to return books back. I took the trail back to my house and so I walked threw the woods and heard like people walking. I turn around fast and didn't see anyone, so I kept walking but my heart was beating fast. I heard people talking then walking towards me, I turn around and looked left and right but nobody's there, so I got out my flashlight and looked around and I saw nobody. "Hello, is anybody there" I said. There was no answer, so I kept walking. "Where you going" a husky voice said right behind me. I turn around and saw a face. "W-w-who are you"I said looking into his eyes. "How about who are you" he said. 

     I started running and when I did I heard someone said should we get her, then someone said no she mine. I ran fast and I even lost the trail I just kept running as fast with the flashlight, I tripped over a limp and fell. I dropped the flashlight then I started crawling to my flashlight. I got up and started running again but someone lift me up. "Ahh, let me down" I said. Then someone put their hand over my mouth. "Shh, your okay" the guy said. "Who are you" I asked. "I'm Harry, and I'm hungry" he said pushing his fangs out. I just fainted, I thought I was gonna die, but I was still breathing. 

      I woke up in a strange place, I looked around and I saw I was in a big bed probably a queen bed. I got up and open the door I looked around and all I saw was hallways many of them. I walked out and ran down the hallways to find an escape door. But there was to many doors, I ran down another hallway and I crashed into someones chest. I looked up and saw a curly brown, green eyed person. "Hello, where you think you going"he said. "Leaving" I said running into a room, locking the door. "Sam, open the door" he said trying to break it down, I ran to the window and opened it, then I got under the bed. He busted the door down and walked around, he stood by the window, for a while then he left. I sighed of relief, then I slowly got out, then someone grabbed my ankle and pull me out. "Ahhh" I screamed.  I tried to grabbed something but it was no use. "Calm down" he said putting my hair behind me ear. "Who are you, and where and why am I here" I said. "Your just full of questions aren't you" he said smirking. 

     "No now tell me" I said. He pointing to the bed, then I sat down and waited for him to answer me. "Well Sam, I'm Harry and your here because I want you here with me and safe" he said. "Wait hold on for a second your joking right, because this is a myth vampires aren't real they aren't right" I said. "Yes they are and your staying here so you can be safe with me" he said. "SAFE FROM WHAT!" I yelled. "The others, well we call them outsiders they do whatever they want and whenever they want, and we over heard they wanted you" he said. "This is bull" I said leaving the room. "Sam it's true" he said. I walked down the hallway and I bumped into another person who had dark brown eyes, he really tan skin but darker. "Hi I'm Zayn" he said with blood coming down from his mouth. 

     I swallowed hard and got scared, I stood there and pretended I was scared. "I'm Sam, and you have something coming down your mouth" I said walking away. "Sam, that's a lovely name" he said grabbing me bridal style, and zoomed into the kitchen. "Let go of me, Harry" I said. He let me down and Harry zoomed into the kitchen really fast. "Sam why don't you meet the rest of the guys" he said. Pointing to the couch. I walked over to the couch and sat right next to Harry because he's the only person I know and Zayn creeps me out. "Sam this is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis" he pointing to them. "Hi" I said. "Hello, nice to meet you" Liam said using his speed to kiss my hand gently. I got scared, and blushed a little. "So what's it like being a vampire" I asked. "Awesome" they all said. "Plus we have powers" Zayn said, Harry elbowed him in the stomach. "What kind of powers" I asked. "Well I can read minds and feel what people feel" Liam said. "I can Heal people or animals" Louis said. "I can make people do whatever I want and I can seduce them easily" Harry said, great I have watch out for him. Then Liam chuckled, that's right he can read minds I almost forgot. "I can see in the future and torture people" Niall said. "I have super fast speed faster then them and tracking "And we all can mostly read vampire minds who are like right next to us, so yes we all heard what you said" Harry said. 

     "Oh sorry, I thought Liam can read mind not any other vampire" I said. "Well we can only read each others minds if we were made by the same vampire" he said. "Oh so you guys were made from the same person, did she/he make others vampires"I said. "Well no she only made us because we saw her turn into a vampire then after she turned all of us, thee others, killed her, they thought we were dead so they left us there, but I we were sleeping, we all loved her" he said. "Oh, why didn't you kill them" I said. "Because we don't have super strength, none of us do" Zayn said. "Yeah, if one of us did then we could kill them, all of them" Harry said. 

The End

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