Just Not Meant To Be

Myths, magic and magical creatures.

Are they real? Or are they just dreams that run away from us?

 Is it our hearts wish. Or our minds wish?

Do we want these things. Or are they just there?

There are some things that cannot be explained, some things that are meant to be, but why? Why must we go through all this, just like I did..


Part 1: A new beginning, the end of our future

It was just an ordinary day at Gorwhick, the sun was bright, kids were out and everything was happy, well for most, for from the outside, it seems like a normal bustling day at Gorwhick, but for those who knew her secrets. It was not.

From behind closed doors, in the furthest house was two lovers having a meeting with the most high ranked people within the area that were discussing about the fate of the world. "We cannot do this any longer," an old man who was barely able to walk said with such frailness, anyone thought that if he just spoke he would brake.

"But we must keep it safe and protected," said a male who was cradling his lover who had a bump, which ovbiously showed that she was pregnant, "But Chris we are getting weaker, we cannot hold them off for too long, what if the prophecy never is true? What if we are believeing in something that will never happen?" replied the old man with doubt.

The male now known as Chris said sternly "I do not know myself, but all our fate lies with our unborn child, if the prophecy speaks the truth, that within the next full moon an immortal child will be born and will rid us of the evil within this world and rid of the sword we have been guarding for centuries, then it is worth one last try, we need to have faith,"

But deep inside his core, he was having doubt, is the myth true? Or are they just risking their lives again just like before and those before them? "Well I guess we have no choice, we are in your debt," and with that last word, they all dismissed, leaving a mournful pair of lovers mourning over the fate of their unborn child.

"You know what my love, Dian?" Chris said with some hope in his voice, "Yes my dear? What is it?" with a glint in his eye and a smile Chris replied "I have faith that this child will help us through and will be rid our world from it's destruction," Dian, feeling guilt could not show such faith, "I believe so too, but I wish our child did not have to go through this,"

His smile slowly fade as he realised that even his own lover, had given up hope, to wich he simply said, "As do I, Dian, but this has to be done, and when the child is born I shall name it Faith, but for the prophecy to be true, it has to be a boy, let's hope that our child will bring peace and happiness once again," but what was about to happen changed that believe.

"Chris, Chris, the child is born, the child is born!" a young boy in his early teens came running over to Chris, it was night time, and the full moon was out, "So it's true, the myth is true, our day has come!" with relief Chris ran to his now wedded lover to see his baby, but what he saw would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Part 2: The life of the death sentenced child

The life of mine at the start was not a pleasant one, due to being a girl crushed all of my peoples hope, the prophecy did not come true so therefore I was sentence to death the day I was born. For only a male could make the prophecy true, but still, how could a female child help them? How could a mere mortal child for that matter.

For this was when an immortal child was supposed to have been born. Do all lives rest on her shoulders? Chris was unsure but right before his eyes, he had a flash-forward of his daughter, a courageous young woman with unnatural strength, and for the first time in years, he grinned, he was going to keep her alive.

A few years past and I was kept as an outsider, to ensure I grew up without feeling for others but myself and those I considered close. I was taught how to fight, and was doing a good job with it too; we trained and kept my live secret, for there were spies now that are leaking information to my enemy.

Another 3 years past and I turned 16, father and I was training, but yet again as I always seemed able to do I knocked him down to the floor, I seemed to be getting better at this day by day, week by week. As well as Martial Arts being my specialty I also had a pet wolf that was with me since I was little named Damien, I never get why he is with me, or still is for that matter.

I did also have two friends that trained with me everyday. But it has been years since I last saw them. They left nothing behind, no trace, apart from a message, indicating that they were going off on some adventure and won't be back for some time. I wished they allowed me to come too, as I miss them.

So now, I am devoting myself to get stronger so I can find them, so that way I can help them upon what ever the reason it was to make them leave in such a rush. If it's the last thing I do I will find them, even if I risk my own life I will, there must be a reason for them to leave with no trace.

.... I wonder if they still think of me. Cause I sure think of them....

"Hello earth to Faith, are you here?" I jumped, I didn't realise I was spacing out again "Oh! Sorry father it's just that.." before I could finish my sentence he answered me "I know, I know, you miss your friends and you want to find them," I was shocked, which I made obvious with the gasp I done "How did you-!"

"You're my daughter, Faith, I know you, plus there are a few people who are going to arrive soon, the day has come for you to fulfil the reason you was born, they are top priority people, so you better be on your best behaviour,"

I sighed, I was nervous as it is and sad with the fact that the burden was on me, I didn't want to have this on my shoulders, "I know father geez! You make me sound like I have no manners or any type of knowledge at all, or what is worse a little kid!"

To which he just chuckled, finding my reaction amusing he half laughed and half replied, "Look I'm just saying alright? They should be here soon so get ready and dress up smart, as they are staying at ours"

He just dropped a bombshell on me, I didn't expect to have to dress up for the occasion let alone have them stay as well "What!! And you didn't ask me!? Of my opinion!?

Part 3: The start of a new adventure

"Damn..." I sat there with my arms crossed over, I hated it when I had to dress up, I always wore something I didn't like, and today it was a dress. With a huff my dad replied, "Stop complaning Faith, you look fine, and you need to look smart for them. My dad well, he was in a suite, we proper looked the part, anyone would of thought we was getting ready for a ball, not two people helping us on a mission.

"Huh, so what are you saying I look like a scruff any other time?" I didn't get why we was doing this, we didn't need their help, as we can take things in our own hands, it didn't help that I was forced into wearing a dress either.

 "I didn't say anything of the sort Faith, you always look smart, but I hear these are well known people, so you can expect they will be expecting high standards from us, it's just for today then you can go back to your other clothes, ok?"

I hated this, the fact that I was going to be the only girl here didn't help either, but alas I did as I was told, "Ok father I understand, but only  for today as it feels like this dress is sticking to me," While I was saying that I was making myself look stupid to make my dad laugh and relax more, which worked.

"Ok Faith it's a deal, just for today, hmm, they should be here soon remember be good and.. Please don't dance like a monkey, like you are when they arrive," with a grin he ran off, "Father! I am not dancing! Especially like a monkey anyway!" and with that I chased after him, we were killing time but at the same time, getting nervous by the minute.

"Where in the devil are they?" my dad was beginning to get agitated, and I was beginning to worry. Are these people spies? Enemies in disguise perhaps? But I trusted dad, he wouldn't fall for a silly trick like that now.. Would he?

"It's been half and hour now dad.. But maybe they are stuck? Like in traffic or something.." I was trying to get him not to think of the wrong Idea, or more to the point I was trying to make sure I wasn't thinking the wrong Idea. "Hmm, maybe you're right, let's wait a little longer," as he said that he sat down and sighed. Bothered by the fact that they haven't arrived yet.

"Dad no! Another minute in this dress.. I am going to die!" but he wouldn't have any of it, "Faith please, be patient, I'm sure they'll come, I hope," I gave a sigh, letting him know that I gave in and decided that a walk would do me good, "Dad I'm just going to go for a walk in the woods, I'll be back soon,"

With that I took a few steps towards my destination only to find my dad shouting at me, "Faith, no you will get dirty, and besides I think I see them," curious I turned round to gaze upon the people he was referring to as "them" slowly but surely, a few people were walking towards us, I was not at ease, as my dad could see, "We'll be fine Faith, just relax,"

"How can you be certain they are safe?" I was concerned, friend or foe, you always had to watch your own back, "I'm sure they are, let's just welcome them no matter what our doubt is," it was easy for him to say, growling slightly I sat down upon a rock and regained my posture, at looking as nutural as I could.


The End

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