Don't you hate it when you get inspiration to write something, and when you go to write it, you can't think of what to write anymore? I absolutely DESPISE that feeling.

It would be so nice if for once I was able to actually come up with something to write on a whim.

I mean, I know there are times when you can start something and you just end up writing for a long time. But in the cases where that doesn't happen its frustrating. The work doesn't feel good enough and then you scrap it, yet two weeks later you're thinking about picking it back up and you can't because you scrapped it.

Its irritating. But I can't save every single piece of writing I do because that just takes up space. Especially if I never get back to it. I don't want to live in clutter, but I don't want to lose inspiration.

Does anyone know that feel?

The End

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