Kate sat on the window seat in the front room. Her ears were fine tuned to the sound of rain, so when the little pitter patter tapped on the glass, she quickly drew back the old, heavy velvet curtains to take a look.

Curling her hair behind her ear, she stared out at the scene before her. The long driveway leading to the deserted highway, the corn field beyond that, and the beautiful garden just in front of the house with the large oak tree and swing. Although it was a beautiful sight, what with the heavy rain drops sprinkling the ground with tiny sparkles, Kate knew this was the time for sadness. This was her way of letting out her emotions once and a while.

Unlike most girls, Kate found it hard to cry during movies. Even if the scene was incredibly, and intensely sad, she could not cry. So when she was feeling down, she'd watch the weather forecast and wait patiently to release her emotions. For some reason, rain let her cry. She'd never really given much thought to it, but she loved crying, the way the tears pouring out seemed to relieve some sort of emotional pressure building up inside her. Perhaps it was because rain reminded her of crying, so she felt better crying knowing someone else was. Even if that someone, was the sky.

So, like normal for her, Kate only had to look out for a few minutes before she felt the familiar sting of incoming tears. She quickly pulled out a tissue wiped the first, as they fell, letting herself go and sobbing quietly towards the rainy sky.

The End

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