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But as a reward for trying- which by the way you can go back and try again- I give you this.

Emma walked slowly into the room once occupied by her eldest daughter. The room hadn't changed, since the death of her daughter. The same yellow walls with the decorative flower stickers were still beautiful, the bed was still neatly made with the purple blankets, and the small stuffed toys still occupied most of it. The curtains were still drawn back, illuminating the room with the sweet sunlight, bringing life to the room of the dead girl.

Emma sat down on the side of the bed, picking up a photo of herself and her daughter, in their younger years, as a memory filled her mind.

"Come play mommy" Lucy cried from the club house.

Emma made her way over and ducked her head in the window.

"Who's hiding in here?" Emma called, giving Lucy a shock.

"Silly mommy, you need to knock on the door. You scared me!" She laughed that adorable laugh that comes naturally to all children.

"Alright then" Emma mad her way around to the door and knocked twice before hollering "Can I come in?"

"NO!" Lucy burst into a fit of giggles, as Emma opened the door and pulled her into a hug.

"No? No? Is that what you should tell your mother, who knocked nicely?" She said as she tickle-tortured Emma and they both collapsed on the grass in laughter.

Before Emma had time to register the knock, she was brought out of her fantasy by her husband, peaking into the room to find his wife crying over a photo. He walked over silently sitting beside Emma, and took her hand in a comforting way. They both stared silently at the photo, until they were interrupted by the entrance of their two lovely, living daughters. Smiling and putting the photo back on the nightstand they all left the room to enjoy the day, their missing family member still living in their hearts and in the well kept room.

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The End

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