Give Me a Break Please

College is one of the hardest experiences in my life so far. Harder than my summer job. Harder than moving countries. Really, really hard. 

Not only are there a million and one due dates, but the teachers rarely tell us the due dates online! Like, is it really so hard to make a calendar of all the due dates for the work? You can make a learning plan which requires so much more effort, but you can't put a few dates on the homepage calendar? If I can write a two page online class that's not worth any marks at all, I'm sure you can fill in a number on a calendar. 

Speaking of online classes, I HATE them. What is the point in me spending my day off doing work that has no effect on my end result? Particularly if my work is unrelated to what we're learning in class. Then there's the times when I have one class and one online class. I absolutely despise Taking the bus to school when I have two classes a day, and with only one class I really don't see the point. Especially if the class is an hour or two hours long. 

Now, those are just my complaints about the unreasonable side of college. Now onto the topic of assignments and how much work I have. 

In the last two days, I have completed three assignments. Two actual assignments, and one online class. Since yesterday, I have recieved one more assignment, on top of my already in place assignments. Now I have 5 assignments to complete, on top of reading my textbook chapters, and studying for my exams with the notes online. 

Those that have read my previous work before, know I am a procrastinator. I cannot focus if I try to work on something a week before it is due. My mind will not settle, and I cannot sit and work solid for longer than a minute, before the better things I could be doing, become more important than my work. So as you might be able to see, I am always doing my work the day before it is due. It drives me nuts, but that's how I work and I cannot work in any other way, no matter how hard I try. 

Anyways, these are just my problems with college. Imagine if I was in university. 

Do you, reader, face similar problems with college or university work? Leave a comment, I'd like to know I'm not alone in this. 

The End

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