This isn't a story idea. This is just a thought.

Have you ever been surrounded by caring, loving friends and family, and yet felt alone?

I don't know what it is, but I do....
I don't get it really. I have all of these people, who love me and want to be with me, yet just because I'm not dating anyone I feel empty inside?

That's not fair... I want to love and care for everyone too. I want to be happy around them, to just enjoy being with them. But I can't. Or is it that I wont?

Perhaps this empty feeling inside is more because I don't want to be happy if I don't have someone like a boyfriend to be with. Perhaps I'm not letting myself enjoy the moments of peace with people who have known me almost my whole life.

If that is the case. What is the point in being happy at all? No... that doesn't seem to be the right question... Perhaps, how can I change myself to be happy during these moments? Will I be miserable until something bad happens? What if I lose one of these beloved people? Will I realize what they meant all too late, or will I continue in this moronic, selfish depression my whole life?

Or, perhaps, I'm just missing someone important in my life- Someone I haven't talked to in a long time... perhaps I need to see a man about a book, and a book about a man.

The End

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