Character design

This is unrelated to the previous story idea. I just thought of some characters I could create for a story, though sometimes I think I have movie ideas in my head more than story ideas. Haha I don't know, books are like movies, aren't they?

Anyways this character is... sort of a bubble gum- pop kind of idea. Like Nicki Minaj.

Gender: Female

Name: Candy Coated

Age: 18

Appearance: 5.8" fair skinned, light brown curly hair with magenta, and neon blue/green highlights (hair is always tied in high pigtails), blue left eye, green right eye (bright colors), small button nose, plump red lips, bright blue/green eyeshadow, pink eyeliner, glitter eyelashes. Usually wearing- pink custom converse high tops (with wedge heels), rainbow tights, blue jean skirt with three stitched hearts on the left side, pink tank top, bright green hoodie with panda bears on it, and a domo-kun purse. Always eating a red lollipop or chewing bubble gum

Personality: Bubbly and sweet, but suffers from a personality disorder which causes her to change into a darker version of herself- nicknamed Yin and Yang: 

Yin- Friendly, good person, loves animals, hard working, easily excited but a little slow sometimes

Yang- Genius, pessimist, hates animals, dislikes people, fluent in all forms of fighting, speaks English, Japanese, French and German.

This character might be cheesy, but I like her anyways haha.

The End

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