Something borrowed

Never lend something to me. I'm not likely to be able to give it back. Unless it was a pen or something I borrowed at school, because I will give that back.

I'm mostly saying this because one time, a family friend lent me her copy of the book "13 Reasons Why" and I never gave it back. Even if I couldn't return it because I didn't see her after that time, I feel bad for not giving it back. But there's nothing I can do about it now, since I live so far away. I kind of ruined the cover a little bit too... I didn't mean to, but I spilled a little bit of coffee on it, and when I wiped it off of the cover, for some reason the cover changed textures. I don't know why, but I do know that even if I could give it back now I wouldn't. I would rather buy her a new copy to use, because you should never return something if you ruined it while borrowing it. At least I think so...

Is it just me? Or has anyone else had problems lending/borrowing things to/from other people?

The End

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