First Story Idea

You know what would be a good line to put in a book?

Well, imagine this:

Plot: A girl (or boy I don't care) has two very rich parents. Now despite this, and the norm of the child being forgotten or something, the parents love their kid very much. However, the day before (Christmas, Birthday, Whatever the heck) The parents have to leave and come back the next day.

Then the child grows up, and meets someone special to them. When the person asks “why are you against (Birthday, Christmas, whatever the heck)?”

The child replies with the story of her parents death, the last thing she heard from them (“See you tomorrow”) and then proceeds to say “But, I guess they didn't know that tomorrow never comes...”

I don't know if this is really worth it. But to me it sounds like a good line. Then again, I'm sick today and on a lot of  medication, haha.

The End

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